TJ’s Gym Weekly News 10/11/2018


Last month, Hamilton hit his 10-year anniversary at TJ’s Gym. This guys is a true model of how to be in it for your health and wellness for the long haul. Hit him up if you have questions about how he’s kept himself engaged in the process for as long as he has. He might mention that wrangling his badass wife, Jennifer, in the gym was all part of the plan. Congrats, Ham! We are all better for your presence in our community!

Message from TJ:


I’ve been putting off this one. I didn’t want to do the research for it. I wanted to stick my head in the sand and pretend it’s not that important, because it doesn’t fit into the storyline I’ve been telling, which is that we can correct nearly all of the chronic diseases that are killing us, just by making better lifestyle choices.

Cancer doesn’t fit into that category, because it’s genetically-loaded and therefore, for the most part, beyond our control. Or is it?

First, let me crush you with some facts.

1,600 people in this country will die from cancer every single day. 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will get cancer in their lifetime. There are 600,000 new cases in this country every year.

F@#k. That doesn’t stand for fork. This sucks. We’ve all been impacted by cancer in some way, shape, or form. Some cases are curable, and some aren’t, leaving behind devastating effects on our families.

It is arguably the disease about which we are the least educated, even though trillions of dollars per year are dedicated to figuring it out.

It is universally understood that cancer is a genetic disease. Your mitochondria (power plants of the cell) become “diseased” and help to produce cancerous cells. These cells can sometimes be controlled or eradicated by our immune system, but malignant tumors or cell clusters cause the body to supply blood to them, and this is when we are in trouble.

We also know that, while cancer is genetic, there are outside factors, like smoking, that can easily contribute to the thriving of cancer cells.

In recent posts, I have written about the chronic diseases that are killing us and that, by changing our lifestyle and nutrition decisions, we might prevent these diseases. Could cancer be one of them?

This is a super hot topic. I’m going to dispense some information without bias as best I can, because I know there are many people who are not only more educated about this than I am, but who also have been more closely affected than I have.

Thomas Seyfried is a professor with a PhD in Genetics and Biochemistry.  In his book, “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease,” he argues that the current treatment protocols for cancer are all wrong and that the theory that there are no preventable measures is flawed. He claims that glucose — specifically the processing of glucose on a mitochondrial level — is the cause of most cancers. Chemo and radiation, or the sacrificing of healthy cells to kill rogue, cancer cells, is also misguided in his view; he proposed, instead, that we eradicate the food source (glucose and insulin) of cancer cells as the best way to treat tumors.

Here is a quick video: 

Nutrition’s Impact on Cancer Treatment

I’m going to throw in my two cents here.  We have once again, come to a place of individual reckoning when it comes to the quantity and quality of the life you will end up living. No doubt about it.

Genetics absolutely make a difference. Your nutrition absolutely makes a difference. Your sleep absolutely makes a difference. Your fitness level absolutely makes a difference. Your bugs absolutely make a difference. The makeup of your parents absolutely make a difference.

For decades, we have known that sugar creates chronic disease. It wasn’t until 2014 that the FDA, American Heart Association, The Centers for Disease Control, and the American Dietetics Association admitted this.

If we all finally agree that excessive, insulin-sensitive carbohydrates create chronic or metabolic disease, is it preposterous to assume that, under some conditions with certain individuals, the same could be true of cancer?

I’d rather not take on that experiment for myself. My dad had prostate cancer.  He has eaten plenty of shitty food in his life. He gave me my genes. I’m thinking shitty food is not good for me, because, along with cancer, he’s also had a stent and is currently on ALL the meds.

Something to think about.




Q4 TJ's Gym Calendar of Events



11th Annual TJ’s Rodeo/Community PARTY: REGISTRATION IS LIVE!


It’s ALMOST Rodeo time! Lots of people are jumping on board. You should, too!

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd, 2018 at TJ’s San Rafael.

Start time TBD, but it’ll be 8/9am to 1pm, with a big chunk of that being a PARTY!

REGISTRATION IS LIVE! Just click on the image above to register before October 22nd to give us enough time to make teams and plan the workout. Register on your own–we will create evenly-matched teams of THREE (one woman, two men) to take part in THREE workouts over the course of 90 minutes. ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME! We will design the workouts so every team member has something to contribute, and every team member has a specific role.

Participating the Rodeo is a great way to get out of your comfort zone in the safety of a loving community, and that will be especially true this year. Even if you don’t compete, you’re still welcome to join the community party (RSVP avenue coming soon).

TJ’s Gym LEGENDS FITNESS FOR AGES 60+ is a huge success! 

It’s not too late to join, as start dates are rolling! Please spread the word about our TJ’s Gym Legends fitness program, a new curriculum designed for the needs of 60+ people. We include work on strength, balance, mobility, stamina, and general functional life movements.

Coach Nick is a perfect fit for this work, and we hope you’ll help us spread the word to all 60+ people you know who want to join (existing TJ’s members can join, as well!).

*Wednesdays and Fridays, October 3rd-November 16th from 10:30-11:30am at TJ’s Gym San Rafael. The work will continue in sessions from there…










Our Teen/Tween session started on Tuesday, September 4th, and we prorate for mid-session starts! Here are the details:

Session Dates:  September 4th – October 28th

Session Pricing – 8 Weeks

$176 (one day a week)*

$320 (two days a week)*

$430 (three days a week)*

Please reply ASAP to secure a spot. As always, we also have monthly options available for our year-round teen members.

Fall Schedule
Our current class schedule will always be posted on our schedules page HERE.

*Corte Madera – Monday/Wednesday (ages 12 – 16) 4 pm
*Mill Valley – Tuesday/Thursday (12 – 16) 4 pm
*Corte Madera -Tuesday/Thursday (10 – 13) 4:30 pm
*San Rafael – Tuesdays (12 – 16) 4 pm **(New offering with Coach Nick!)
*Corte Madera – Saturday (12 – 16) 11 am

*Classes expire at the end of the session. Make-ups can happen as needed throughout the session. Schedule subject to change based on registration numbers. Email to register.


Bootcamp MV

TJ’s Gym “High Fives”

With so many amazing people in our community doing super-cool things both in and out of the gym, we’ve decided to start a monthly TJ’s Gym High Fives section. Please send us tips about your fellow gym members when you hear about cool accomplishments or endeavors, both in and out of the gym. Submit info to or by the 20th of each month to ensure entry into the monthly spotlight.


All season soccer JFJ Flyer

If anyone in your family needs (or wants!) a new soccer ball, please consider buying this one. 100% of profits go directly to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Just click on the image above to order yours from our great friends at All Season Soccer, THE place to go for all of your soccer needs!


If you’re on Facebook, please request to join the TJ’s Gym Members Facebook Page (current, active members) for all of our most up-to-date announcements and offerings. You can also follow us @tjsgyms on Instagram.



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