TJ’s Gym Weekly News 08/10/2018


Shout out to Coach Nick for making people in Marin better, hour after hour, year after year.


Message from TJ:

Carmen B.

I’m taking the blog in a little different direction this week. The most interesting stories are the ones that happen right here in our own community.  Every once in a while, I think it will be cool to drop in a quick video about someone in our program whom you all might find as motivating as I do.

Carmen started with us back in 2011. He’s a transplant from Jersey, so there was an immediate connection. He was in his late 50’s when he started and immediately became a favorite student of all the coaches. He shows up, he wants to do things right, and he breaks into a huge smile faster than anyone.

This is his story, and he and I both hope you’ll enjoy it.



The MAKE-IT-HAPPEN Fall Lifestyle and Nutrition Program with TJ.


This one’s going to be good, and so are you! You won’t want to miss out. STAY TUNED!


SUMMER Session goes through August! 

*Mill Valley – Tuesday/Thursday (12 – 16) 4 pm

*Corte Madera – Monday/Wednesday (ages 12 – 16) 4 pm
*Corte Madera -Tuesday/Thursday (10 – 13) 4:30 pm
*Mill Valley – Wednesday 4:30 (12 – 16) – Girls-only
*Corte Madera – Saturday (12 – 16) 11 am

FALL Session starts in SEPTEMBER

Our next Teen/Tween session on Tuesday, September 4th.

Here are the details :

Session Dates:  September 4th – October 28th

Session Pricing – 8 Weeks

$176 (one day a week)*

$320 (two days a week)*

$430 (three days a week)*

Please reply ASAP to secure a spot. As always, we also have monthly options available for our year-round members.

Fall Schedule
Our current class schedule will always be posted on our schedules page HERE.

*Corte Madera – Monday/Wednesday (ages 12 – 16) 4 pm
*Mill Valley – Tuesday/Thursday (12 – 16) 4 pm
*Corte Madera -Tuesday/Thursday (10 – 13) 4:30 pm
*San Rafael – Tuesday/Thursday (12 – 16) 4 pm **(New offering!)
*Mill Valley – Wednesday 4:00 (12 – 16) – Girls-only **PLEASE NOTE NEW TIME
*Corte Madera – Saturday (12 – 16) 11 am

*Classes expire at the end of the session. Make-ups can happen as needed throughout the session. Schedule subject to change based on registration numbers.

Email to register.


If you’re on Facebook, please request to join the TJ’s Gym Members Facebook Page (current, active members) for all of our most up-to-date announcements and offerings. You can also follow us @tjsgyms on Instagram.



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