TJ’s Gym Weekly News – 02/07/2018



NorCal Masters was a huge success. Thanks to everyone in our community who was involved, from our athletes who threw down next to some of the fittest men and women in the world, to our coaches who judged and cheered, to our members who helped in all sorts of ways. NorCal Masters has become a world-renowned fitness competition for ages 35+, and we couldn’t do it without everyone’s help.


A little mid-week motivation for you from Amy Perl, who uses her fitness to triumph over MS. She attributes much of her success to her workout buddies at TJ’s Corte Madera, who keep her coming and making use of what the gym has to offer. How are you using your fitness to make your life better?

Message from TJ: 

“Hope Aint a Tactic”

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 8.27.23 AM.png

This quotation from the movie Deepwater Horizon stuck with me, and I’ve been using it during a number of the goal-setting sessions I’ve done this past month.  I’ve been joking with people that I “hoped” the returning of all the NorCal Masters equipment back to the gyms would go quickly.  Shockingly, it didn’t, because I used hope as a tactic.  There are abundant resources available to you to create a successful plan. You have to get out of your own way and stop dreaming and hoping.  Get that plan on paper, and begin the process of testing its merits with someone whose job it is to help.  You can do this.

*Email to set up a 15-minute goal-setting session with me!


Announcing the TJ’s Gym Lifestyle & Accountability Program (LAP)!

Untitled Design (68).jpg

Cost: $199

Date: February 12-March 25:


*Weekly FB Live with TJ Belger and guests.
*Weekly email covering goal-setting, handling challenges, creating and sticking with a positive lifestyle, finding balance, optimizing nutrition and sleep, etc.
*Weekly surprise challenges to keep you motivated and invested in improving your life.
*Personal calls with TJ every other week for added accountability, goal setting, and homework specific to YOU.
*Community support and camaraderie with like-minded people via a Private Facebook group.
*Pre and Post workout results measured using the workout “Helen.” You will do this on your own or with others in the group.



Get that teen/tween in your life moving! 


Find out more about our ongoing Teen/Tween program…Read more…

Email to register for the session. 


If you’re on Facebook, please request to join the TJ’s Gym Members Facebook Page (current, active members) for all of our most up-to-date announcements and offerings. You can also follow us @tjsgyms on Instagram.


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