TJ’s Gym Weekly News 01/15/2018


Some of TJ’s finest preparing for NorCal Masters. Make sure you block off Saturday, 1/27 and Sunday, 1/28 to come cheer on your fellow community members. Our roster of TJ’s athletes this year: Amy Blackburn 45-49; Jesse Maddex 35-39; Will Egan 40-44; Dan Schrauth 40-44; Greg Crane 40-44; Luke Maher 40-44. If you’d like to step up your commitment to the event by volunteering, please email Thank you!

Message from TJ: 


There is a ton of different research out there telling us how habits are formed–how many days, how many weeks, how many months of consistent effort must happen before a positive habit is formed.

The amount of consistency demanded for habit formation can seem damn near impossible for many people.

Clear guidelines for behaviors aren’t the only answer.  Part of the recipe for successful habit formation are the implementation of cues that are appropriate for each individual. Motivation through punishment might be successful for one person but a deal-breaker for another. Constant praise will work for some but not for others. What I have found over and over again is that clear and consistent communication around the habit-forming process with each individual is essential.

I’d love to sit down with you to discuss what style is right for you.

Email to get set up with TJ.


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DO YOU GET OUR TEXTS? Our most recent text notified you about our MLK Day Schedule. If you didn’t receive it, please text TJSGYM to 87411, and you will be added to our distribution list. Don’t worry–we don’t text often. We reserve texts for important announcements, like holiday schedules or deadlines for registration for optional offerings.

Get that teen/tween in your life moving! 

Our next Teen/Tween session started on Monday, January 8th and we are loving it!  Kids are back and school and getting into the swing of things!  Even if you missed the first week, they can jump in now.

Here are the details: Read more…

Email to register for the session. 

Ready to take on 2018 with a bang?

We will be announcing our ALL NEW Lifestyle and Accountability Program in the next week! Follow us on social media (@tjsgym) or request to join the TJ’s Gym Members Facebook Page (current, active members) for all of our most up-to-date announcements and offerings.


Monday – 01_15_2018

Tuesday 01_16_2018

Wednesday 01_17_2018

Strength – Wednesday 01_17_2018

Thursday 01_18_2018


Saturday – 01_20_2018

Sunday – 01_21_2018

Sunday 01_21_2018 Barbell


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