TJ’s Gym Weekly News 11/13/2017


Allie and Sandro Tied the Knot in a magnificent ceremony in Mexico with a number of TJ’s superstars in attendance. We wish them all the best in their married life and can’t wait till they move up here to the ‘burbs!

 Message from TJ:

Sometimes when I see a jogger or someone walking with their Yoga mat, or even someone in my own class, I wonder what their hopes are for themselves as a result of their workout.

My heart sinks a little bit to think that they might be placing their chips on a lie.

A lie that sounded something like, “This will create long, lean arms and legs,” or “Eating this will burn body fat,” or “This many minutes on this machine will help you lose this much weight.”

I heard a great quotation today:

“No one gets realer than parents.  They compliment you behind your back but talk shit to your face.”

That’s, in essence, what a coach’s job is.  Sure, we sprinkle some compliments to your face, as well, but only if you’ve earned them.  And you earn them by following a scientifically sound, empirically based plan to which you are held accountable. You don’t earn them by blindly falling for someone’s false marketing directed at you.


URGENT: NorCal Masters 2018 Priority Registration Information for TJ’s Members!

Tj’s Gym Members get priority registration for NorCal Masters.

TJ’s Gym Members are invited to register early for the 8th Annual NorCal Masters Competition, which will sell out quickly.

Early registration for returning 2017 athletes and TJ’s Gym members opens TOMORROW, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13th at 8am PST. If you did not compete last year, please email immediately to get the top-secret link. Priority registration will close at 11/17 at midnight PST.

For those not interested in competing, please know that we are knee deep in the planning phases of this world renowned event and can always use volunteers and more sponsors. Please email for volunteer and sponsorship details.

 Thanksgiving is coming! 

Come to our 15th-Annual Thanksgiving Day Workout!  9:00am at Redwood High School track. Rain or shine. Open to TJ’s members and friends and family. Non-members must sign up and sign waivers in advance. Email if you plan to bring guests–no last-minute arrivals.

All gyms will be closed on Thanksgiving, and please note the modified gym schedule for Friday, Nov. 24.

Save the Date for the annual TJ’s Gym Holiday Party: Saturday, December 16th 

TJ’s Gym Holiday Party – 12/16/17

Mark your calendars. This party is the real deal, and it’s open to CURRENT TJ’s Gym members age 21+, plus one significant other. If you are not on the TJ’s Gym Members Facebook page yet, now is a great time to join and RSVP.

STRONGMAN Seminar 2.0 with Arielle coming Sunday, December 10th.

Come to the San Rafael to gym to play with some new toys.  We will build on your new found knowledge as a returning participant, or if you are new, you get to add some tools to your arsenal.

STRONGMAN Seminar for the Strong People of TJ’s Gym.

You’ve played with the sleds and sandbags, and now it’s time to play with some more big toys! Yoke work and farmer carries are fun tricks to add to your toolbox to develop overall core strength, power, and control. We will learn how to use the yoke (which lives at our San Rafael location), as well as how to make use of various other equipment in the gym to mimic the demands of the yoke.

Carrying odd objects allows your body to develop functional strength that carries over into weightlifting, gymnastics, and, most importantly, everyday life. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, yoke and farmer carries are great ways to augment your training. 

Email to register.

Body Composition Testing Coming to San Rafael on Saturday, December 9th. 

The Fitness Wave NorCal truck will be back at the San Rafael Gym on Saturday, December 9th from 8am- 2:30pm.  We can add later times if we fill up those slots.

Goal-setting starts with good, hard data. Whether you are finishing the Pre-Holiday Nutrition Program, or you are wanting a baseline to maintain through the holiday season, body comp testing will give you that important data.

We will also be announcing a Winter Holiday Lifestyle and Accountability Program soon. It’ll be a fun, friendly competition to encourage you stay focused during the holidays and to make more good lifestyle decisions than poor ones. Stay tuned, and get ready to out-perform your peers for some great prizes on top of the best prize of all: feeling great come January 1st!

$60 TJ’s Members. $70 non-members. Email to get on the schedule.

Get that teen/tween in your life moving!

Get your Teen/Tween moving!

There is no time like the present to get your teen or tween involved in our growing youth program.  In between sports seasons is a great time for your child to improve core stability, body strength, and overall conditioning.

The current session ends on 12/10.  We will have a two-week holiday session.  We will not be hosting any youth classes from 12/25 – 01/01.  If your son or daughter are in our Teen classes, we will be open to having them at our adult classes that week.

If you have a sports team interested in focused strength, conditioning, and team building work, please email, and we can create a program for you!

Join our TJ’s Gym Competitor Program Any Time!

Get OPEN Ready!

Step up your game for NorCal Masters in January and the CrossFit™ Open coming in February, or just dive in to increase your intensity and get after your fitness goals with the camaraderie of others who are serious about their training.

Email to register, and you’ll get be invited to the Facebook group, get the workouts, and be included in this awesome, advanced training program!

TJ’s Gym is hiring, and we would love your help.

We love our coaches!

TJ’s Gym is hiring part-time and full-time coaches. We would love for you to share our post on your social media platforms and spread the word. If you are a member and provide us with a lead we hire, we will comp your next monthly membership payment.

You can share our posting on Barbell Jobs to anyone you think might be interested.

Email with leads.


Coaches Zoe and Veronika won the Battle of the Bay Competition on Saturday! Nice job, rockstars!

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 10.00.04 PM.png


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Sunday 11-19-2017 Barbell


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