TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of 10.2.17.

The post workout group walk-about. Possibly the most important part for the mind, body, and soul.


*Teen/Tween Nutrition Talk is THIS WEDNESDAY! Open to non-TJ’s members, and teens/tweens are welcome. We hope to see a lot of people at this talk!


THE TJ’s Gym Rodeo is just 3 short weeks away!!!!!  Registration is live, and we need to to register by October 8th! At that time, we will assess the registration across divisions to be sure we have legitimate numbers in each group. If we need to collapse some divisions, we will do so. For example, last year we had teen boys compete in the Mens Scaled division, but we still awarded separate prizes to the teen winners. If we don’t have enough women or men in a given category, we will help you find partners to join the partner division. As in past years, partners are Male/Female, but if two women are super excited to compete together, we welcome you to do it for fun! 

For those of you who are newer to TJ’s Gym and have never been part of the Rodeo, you’re in for a real treat. It’s always one of the most inspirational and fun days of the year for our community (toss-up between this and the holiday party), and it is 100 percent about putting yourself out there a little bit to test your fitness in the most supportive and upbeat environment you will find in sports. The goal is to measure progress, have fun with your community, get out of your comfort zone a little, and access parts of yourself you might not usually call upon in your daily functioning. We promise you’ll have fun! If you want to compete with a partner but need help finding a good match, just email me at, and I’ll work with our coaches to find you a partner.


Individual Athletes (Includes TEENS)
Male/Female Partners
Hit up any coach with questions, and DON’T miss out on this awesome day!!!!!

*WE ARE LOOKING FOR MORE AWESOME COACHES TO JOIN OUR TEAM! Please spread the word if you know of anyone who fits the bill! 

We are Hiring (4).jpg

*TERRITORY FOOD DELIVERIES are at ALL THREE GYMS!!! Seriously, People. This is a game-changer as you get back in the madness of work and kid activities. Go to this link to get $25 your first order!  Order by Thursday nights at midnight for the week ahead. It’s delicious and nutritious food, delivered right to your hands at the gyms.


*Small Group Training: Interested in a more intimate training setting but don’t have the budget for One-on-One sessions? Or maybe you want to work out with just 2-3 other people, under the guidance of a coach? We are now offering small-group training sessions with all of our coaches. Just let us know if you’re interested!


*JOIN OUR TJ’s GYM COMPETITOR PROGRAM ANY TIME! Just email so you can be invited to the Facebook group, get the workouts, and be included in this awesome, advanced training program!

*We have announced the NorCal Masters 2018 Priority Registration Information. As always, TJ’s members will be given early access, but please spread the word to friends who might want to guarantee their spot at this sell-out event! You can find out more information HERE.

WORKOUTS FOR THE WEEK: Continuing in the pushing of our conditioning limits in this competition-prep cycle emphasizing metabolic conditioning. Have at it!


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