TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of 4.17.17

We are super proud of new member, Lindsey (pink), who has fit in seamlessly with the 5:15a San Rafael crew. Thanks to Coach Kristel for preparing her and to the early risers in San Rafael (some of whom are pictured here) for welcoming her with open arms!

Two-time TJ’s Gym Rodeo winner and TJ’s Team 2017 Member, Jeff Peterson, is officially kicking off his coach training at TJ’s Gyms this week! Jeff already has a ton of knowledge and expertise in the areas of fitness and training. A former D1 collegiate track star, Jeff has worked extensively with young athletes and will be a great addition to the TJ’s coaching staff. He is going to be shadowing classes, jumping in to coach, and generally sharing his wisdom as he ramps up in preparation for starting in earnest this summer. Jeff is primed to take a leadership role in the expansion of some exciting training opportunities at TJ’s, especially in the area of youth and teen fitness. Introduce yourself to him if you haven’t met him. You’ll quickly see that his personality matches his athleticism and drive! We are lucky to have him coming on board, and don’t worry, he doesn’t always wear a cowboy hat.


*TJ WILL BE SPEAKING THIS THURSDAY, APRIL 20th, in San Francisco about the fitness profession and his experiences in the field over the past 25 years. Come by to support him and hear his stories (never a dull moment, as many of you know) and expertise!

*GO BLUE! As you probably know by now, our TJ’s Gym competitive team qualified for the CrossFit Regionals and will be competing in Del Mar, CA over Memorial Day Weekend. We encourage you to consider attending the event and whooping it up with a bunch of your TJ’s pals.  Meanwhile, as their Road to Regionals continues, you can follow the team’s training via the following hashtags on social media: #tjsgym, #tjsteam #tjsteam2017 #teamtjs

*SAVE THE DATE OF SATURDAY, MAY 13th for a super-fun TJ’s community event to benefit our competitors and help fund their trip to Regionals. Details to follow, but it will be a fun outdoor, family-friendly shindig starting at around 4 or 5pm and going till dark.

*TJ’s GYM PHOTOSHOOT SUNDAY, APRIL 23rd: We need some of you TJ’s superstars to show up and be photographed!  Photos will be used for our website and social media purposes. Details to follow, but we will likely need people from approximately 2-6pm. If interested, please email and include any time contstraints if you have them.

*WE HAVE A TJ’s GYM FACEBOOK GROUP!!! PLEASE JOIN!!!  In order to better facilitate online discussions among our many members, we have started the TJ’s Gym MEMBERS Facebook group. Please request to join. We will let you in if you’re a current member of the gyms, and you’ll be able to interact with everyone about workouts, nutrition, you name it! This is taking the place of our Google Discussion group.

*ANOTHER FRIENDLY REMINDER TO PLEASE FILL OUT OUR NEW ONLINE WAIVER BEFORE YOUR NEXT VISIT!!!!  We recently updated our waiver and need all members to complete the revised version.  It takes about 2-3 minutes, and you can find the link HERE.  Please be sure to choose the “existing client” option and use the same email address you have used with us in the past. If you need to update any of your information in our system, this is a good time to do that, as well.  Please email with any questions. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

*Questions about some of the common movements we use in classes? We’ve added a video glossary of videos from CrossFit(TM) explaining points of performance and proper mechanics.  It’s a page under the MEMBERS tab on our website. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful!

*PROGRAMMING THIS WEEK: A note from the awesome Coach Nick, who is doing an superb job designing your workouts, by the way–this week includes a lot of posterior chain work and bending. You should only go heavy in these movements on two of the days, and please let your coach know if you’re experiencing any low back vulnerabilities, so modifications can be made. As always, we are open to all sorts of individualized tweaks, as we want to be sure you do what is best for your body.



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