TJ’s Gym Workouts for 3.27.17

Throwback to the Rodeo ’16 because this is what this whole thing is all about.


*ANOTHER FRIENDLY REMINDER TO PLEASE FILL OUT OUR NEW ONLINE WAIVER BEFORE YOUR NEXT VISIT!!!!  We recently updated our waiver and need all members to complete the revised version.  It takes about 2-3 minutes, and you can find the link HERE.  Please be sure to choose the “existing client” option and use the same email address you have used with us in the past. If you need to update any of your information in our system, this is a good time to do that, as well.  Please email with any questions. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

*Questions about some of the common movements we use in classes? We’ve added a video glossary of videos from CrossFit(TM) explaining points of performance and proper mechanics.  It’s a page under the MEMBERS tab on our website. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful!

*If you’re not into barbells or know someone who isn’t, check out TJ’s Mill Valley Bootcamp on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30!  It’s the perfect combination of foundational strength and long metabolic conditioning workouts, not to mention a welcoming crew and great camaraderie. If you know someone who might be interested, please let him/her know. No intro needed. First class is free!

*TJ’s Supplements are in the gyms, and almost all types are now in stock! Recovery in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry, and Protein in Chocolate and Vanilla, with Strawberry on the way in about a week. Questions? Email

rich searle.jpg

We said goodbye to a wonderful person on Saturday. Rich Searle was one of the more genuine, welcoming, kind, and gentle men we know. A lover of music, travel, and family, Rich had gifted us with a glimpse into the experiences he cherished, the people he loved, and the places he’d been. We will miss his contagious smile and warm heart, and we continue to send our thoughts and prayers to his family and close friends. Please workout with Rich in mind this week, embracing the goodness in life and finding goodness in those around you.



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