TJ’s Gym Workout for the Week of 2.13.17

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Joe D.

This sophomore at Terra Linda has had two devastating knee injuries over the last couple of years, and he’s now a proud member of the baseball team!  Joe is hardworking, earnest, dedicated, and has a great attitude. I’m a super proud coach–he’s the kind of athlete who makes coaching a dream. Not surprisingly, his parents are also wonderful.



*We had a great TJ’s Community kind of weekend, allowing us, yet again, to be thankful for being able to do what we do. On Friday night at the Corte Madera gym, we had a catered dinner for 30-something of our NCM volunteers. It was super fun to hang out with everyone and share stories, and we had a chance to thank them for their hard work.


On Saturday, four of our competitive team members (3 coaches–Zoe, Evan, and Kristel–plus THE Jeff Peterson) threw it down against some serious athletes at a Valentine’s-themed partner competition. They walked away with a BIG WIN (Congrats, Zoe and Evan) plus a JUST-MISS of the finals for Kristel and Jeff, who are new to the big scene and will dominate soon enough. We then had dinner with the competitors and families, yacking it up while eating delicious food at the State Room (shameless plug for TJ’s Gym member, Alex’s seriously great restaurant on 4th Street).  So nice to come together with our Peeps in good times…

*The CrossFit Open begins February 23rd.  Our TJ’s Gym Teams for each of our three locations are all set!  Just register as an athlete in the Open and then pick your affiliate (CrossFit San Rafael, CrossFit Corte Madera, or CrossFit Mill Valley). From there, you can join the TJ’s Gym team corresponding with each affiliate (TJs Gym Mill Valley, TJs Gym Corte Madera, TJs Gym Mill Valley–no apostrphes are allowed in team names!).  Last wae checked, the CrossFit Games Open website search function had a glitch and wouldn’t locate TJ’s Gym Mill Valley, but it’s there, so you should be ablet to find it via affiliation with CrossFit Corte Madera.  You can find out more info about the Open here.

We will have suggested “Open Prep” work included in the programming every day till the Open is over. Feel free to take on this supplementary work, even if you’re not participating in the Open!

Our competitve team members have been working super hard to prepare for the Open and Regionals, and we’re looking forward to watching their performances!

*POWER SUPPLY IS NOW IN TJ’s MILL VALLEY!  Just click on this link to place your orders, and you’ll get delicious meals delivered to the fridge in Mill Valley first thing on Monday and Thursday mornings! Just go HERE to place your order. First meal is free!  If you’re interested in having Power Supply delivered to TJ’s Corte Madera, please email Jessica. San Rafael has been up and running for awhile now, so just email Jessica if you need information on that location’s orders and dropoffs. 

*Check out TJ’s Gym Facebook and Instagram accounts for at-home and on-the-road workouts. We will try to post as many of these as possible, if not daily, and we’d love to know if you find them useful.

*Bootcamp in TJ’s Mill Valley is a big ol’ hit!  Tuesday/Thursday 9:30am. Please bring friends who might be curious about TJ’s but a little shy around barbells. It’s a GREAT, High-Energy class, and no formal intro is needed. Friends can email to get started. First class is free!

*Barring more crazy storms hindering delivery schedules, TJ’s Gym Recovery and Protein will be coming to all three gyms by the end of the week! We can’t wait!!!!





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