TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of 1.29.17


Our 7th-annual NorCal Masters event was a HUGE SUCCESS!  

Our TJ’s Gym athletes performed with grace, humility, positive attitudes, and a whole lot of awesome! They made us, and you, very proud. More on that via Instagram! We will also have many thank-you posts in the coming days and weeks and figured the equipment team is a great place to start! This photo is loaded with SOME of the members of the crew who arrived early and stayed late, sweating it out the entire time. In this photo, you’ll see Andrew, Eric, Chris, Mel, Frank, David, Brendhan, Steve, and SPENCER. Chris’s son, Cole, didn’t make the photo, nor did a number of others who busted their butts all weekend long, including, Rip, Brian U, and Mark. An event of this magnitude truly takes a village of people who care, and these are some of the fine TJ’s people who do!


*NorCal Masters shirts for sale! $10 each, cash only, all going to Juggling for Jude! The shirts are pretty awesome, featuring our super-cool NCM 2017 logo below! Email to request a shirt.


*POWER SUPPLY IS IN TJ’s MILL VALLEY! Another suggestion box suggestion implemented!  Just click on this link to place your orders, and you’ll get delicious meals delivered to the fridge in Mill Valley first thing on Monday and Thursday mornings! First delivery date is Monday, January 30th, so ORDER UP!!!! Just go HERE to place your order. First meal is free!  If you’re interested in having Power Supply delivered to TJ’s Corte Madera, please email Jessica! Thanks!

*The CrossFit Open begins February 23rd. We will be setting up TJ’s Gym Teams for each of our three locations. You can register for the Open now if you plan to participate, and we will let you know when we have our teams up and running. You can find out more info about the Open here.  We will have our teams up and running by Tuesday, February 7th!

*Small TJ’s apparel: We have a bunch of women’s t-shirts and some sweatshirts that are small enough for kids. Please email if you want to purchase anything in small sizes for kids, at discounted pricing!

Have a great week, Everyone, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns! We are here to listen and help!




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