TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of 1.23.17

Band of Wall Bug Brothers and sisters



*POWER SUPPLY IS COMING TO TJ’s MILL VALLEY! Another suggestion box suggestion implemented!  Just click on this link to place your orders, and you’ll get delicious meals delivered to the fridge in Mill Valley first thing on Monday and Thursday mornings! First delivery date is Monday, January 30th, so ORDER UP!!!! Just go HERE to place your order. First meal is free!

*We’ve got another WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE TJ’s Team going! It started Jan 21, but you can still join in. It’s a great low-cost way to get the structure, guidance, and camaraderie you might need to get yourself and your habits back on track.  Click on this link to join!

*Our annual NorCal Masters Competition is coming up THIS Saturday and Sunday, January 28 and 29. We have a team of TEN TJ’s Gym superstars competing, and they’d LOVE your support and cheers. We also need volunteers, especialy between 12 and 4pm on Saturday. Please email if you can help!
35-39 Will Egan, Jake Durling, Greg Crane, Jesse Maddex
40-44 Shari Mueller, Amy Blackburn
45-49 Lisa Smith, Sean Weatherill
55-59 Liz Anderson, David Baylor
*The CrossFit Open begins February 23rd. We will be setting up TJ’s Gym Teams for each of our three locations. You can register for the Open now if you plan to participate, and we will let you know when we have our teams up and running. You can find out more info about the Open here.
*Don’t forget to get on our Discussion Board! It’s a great way for us to communicate with you all and for everyone to chat online. SugarWOD is for workout tracking, and the D Board is for chatter and announcements! Email for an invite.
*Get monthly deliveries of Pure Pharma 3, their vitamin packs that give you all the high-quality Fish Oil, Vitamin D3, and Magnesium. Sign up for their 30-day supply boxes so you don’t miss a beat! And you’ll even get 15% off your first month when you order! Here is the link to order with the our TJ’s Gym one-month discount.
 *XXL men’s t-shirts are in! We only ordered a few (in blue, light gray, and dark charcoal), and they’re going fast! Please email ASAP if you would like to purchase one before they’re gone.






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