TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of Jan. 2nd



As you all start to trickle back into real life after the holidays, please know that we are excited to help with your work towards goals, resolutions, and commitments to your health and wellness in 2017. This community can be a huge tool for you in your efforts to better yourself, so be sure to use it, access each other, and get back on track. Many of you are looking at competitions, races, and other fitness-related events and endeavors in the months ahead.  We love being a part of the preparation, the event, and the rewards, so please be sure to share with us when you’re training for something special or when you finish an event. This way we can all support and celebrate with you! Thank you for another great year for our TJ’s Family, and we wish you and your families a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2017!


TJ’s Nutrition Kick-Off is STARTING NOW! The group is up and running and ready to start phase one tomorrow. We are still accepting new people, so just email and if you want to join. It’s going to be a blast, or something. In all seriousness, this 3-month program will get you where you want to be, with guidance, education, and support provided by TJ and Coach Zoe and camaraderie to boot with an awesome crew of TJ’s Peeps sharing in a common goal.

Get on the Discussion Board and use sugarWOD for your workout tracking needs! D Board for announcements and banter and sugarWOD for workout data. Great combo! Be sure to upgrade your sugarWOD app. See more info here.  Email to get on the D Board if you’re not already.

NorCal Masters Volunteers Needed! Please email if you are available to help at our annual NCM, which will be held Jan 28 and 29 in Richmond, CA. It’s a world-renowned Masters fitness competition, it’s a ton of fun, super inspiring, and you’ll get a cool event t-shirt!

Programming Heads Up: This week is high volume, in anticipation of people coming in and out and looking for big sweats. Nothing too technical or complicated–lots of motor, sweating, and moving. Get in as much as you can, and start your year off with a bang!

Suggestion boxes are still around! We’ve implemented lots of your great suggestions, so please keep them coming!




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