TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of Dec. 5th

Allison here, taking over the entire blog this week.

Please read this blog in its entirety. The first part is all about our dear friend, Anthony Lowenstein, taken far too soon in a tragic accident. After the bit about ALow, there are the usual gym announcements, some of which are very important. Please note SLIGHT schedule changes to open gym MONDAY, due to Anthony’s funeral (information below). THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR BEING A PART OF SOMETHING SO SPECIAL. The relationships we all enjoy with each other are priceless, and, when tested, they amaze.

A little collage of gym pictures of Anthony. Just a little glimpse. In seven years, I literally never saw his face do anything but smile.


Our lovely candlelight ceremony on Friday night. We planned it two hours before it happened, and we had nearly 100 people there, including Anthony’s parents and only sibling, his brother, Robbie, in from Canada, as well as three very close friends. What a gift it was for us all to have that time together.


Anthony’s wife, Diane’s first workout back, this morning in Corte Madera. Read the caption from our Facebook post. That’s right, some of us wore ALow’s dirty TJ’s shirts right from his hamper! There are few reasons I would do that for anyone. I loved that guy.


Anthony’s father, Aubrey, and brother, Robbie, representing at the workout this morning. Part of the family, along with Mom, Betty, now and forever.


This past week has been the roughest one we’ve ever had in our role in this community. As you all surely know by now, we lost our dear friend, Anthony Lowenstein, last Thursday in a terrible car accident in San Francisco. The task of putting into words our feelings about ALow and all of who he was is a monumental one. He has been part of TJ’s Gym for seven years, and his wonderful wife, Diane, has been part of TJ’s for six of those. ALow had almost 1,000 class visits. He was a special person with layers upon layers of personality and interests. As I said in a comment on an IJ article that was posted on FB:

Anthony was a gift of a human being. His self-deprecating humor, absolute comfort in his own skin, kind and genuine nature, and loving spirit were matched only by his sharp mind, keen sense of loyalty, and tenacity for going after things he wanted. A gifted attorney, he was also a pilot and daredevil of sorts, but most of all, he was a loving husband to his beautiful and wonderful wife, Diane, and a cherished father to his three young girls. Anthony will be missed, but his spirit and essence will live on in the countless people he touched. This is a tragic loss of a gem of a person.

There are too many funny stories about ALow to share here in writing, but we did a good job of sharing many highlights of his time here during our lovely candlelight ceremony at the Corte Madera gym on Friday night. My personal favorite is best told in his own words, via the verbatim email he sent me and TJ, along with the photo of Pete, below.


March 13th, 2015:
“So, I had a great workout today, and I’m driving down 4th street when I hear “something” licking its chops in backseat. I look behind me and there is a chihuahua in my children’s car seat. (and the look on its face said ‘Yo quiero Taco Bell’). After recovering from the fright, I figured out whose dog this was and returned to the Gym.  Good times. – Anthony”

Anthony was an incredibly loving and giving person. His goofy antics at the gym were 99% about making us all laugh. He was willing to risk his dignity to make that happen, and he was more comfortable in his own skin than most of us can ever dream to be. We are all in his debt, and now it’s our job to continue that legacy, laughing as often as we can and not taking ourselves too seriously, when really what we are doing together is exercising and creating relationships, both for the benefit of our health. How lucky we are. 

The power of the TJ’s Gym Family has been in full force this past week, and we thank you all for being a part of it. It is incredibly comforting for us ALL to know that should tragedy strike any one of us, there’s an army of love and support waiting to take action. On that note, we will let you know as soon as we have a plan for the best way to help Diane and their three girls. For now, meals are covered for many months, thanks in large part to their Brandeis School community and other close friends. 
Funeral Services will be held Monday, Dec 5th at 12pm at Kol Shofar Synagogue. 215 Blackfield Dr. Tiburon.
*Slight gym schedule changes due to the funeral on Monday:
Corte Madera Open Gym will close at 10:00am
Mill Valley Open Gym will close at 11:30am
San Rafael will be OPEN all day as usual.


*NEW YEAR NUTRITION KICK-OFF PROGRAM! It’s so cliche, but January 2nd will be here soon, and so many of us will want to get our acts together, for our health and our vanity. TJ is putting together a fabulous program for anyone who wants a structure for their efforts with someone who has dialed in nutrition, workout, and lifestyle plans for thousands of humans just like you. Check out the NEW YEAR NUTRITION KICK-OFF FLYER HERE, and be sure to email if you want in!

*SUGARWOD: We have adopted a super-cool online community forum called SUGARWOD, which will enable you all to post daily workout results, comment on each other’s posts, share information, track PR’s and other gym data, and generally connect to our awesome community much more efficiently than you do now. You should have received an email last Tuesday with details on how to sign up, but if you didn’t, please email for the info. This is but one of the improvements we are rolling out, and we look forward to your feedback as we continue to strive to make your experience the best it can possibly be!  For now, we are keeping our Google Group Discussion Board alive, as it’s still the best way to receive mid-week gym announcements and stay engaged with discussions. SugarWOD will eventually have that capacity, we hope, but for now, we have both options!

SUGGESTION BOXES:  Don’t forget that we still have suggestion buckets in all of the gyms, by the retail areas.  We have already implemented a number of your suggestions, so please keep them coming, and we appreciate your patience as we get to them all!

*TJ’s Gym Holiday Party: If you’re an adult member of TJ’s Gym, you should have received an Evite to the party, which will be held on Saturday, December 17th 7pm at TJ’s Gym San Rafael. We transform the gym, and people transform themselves (from gym clothes to party clothes)! This is always a crowd favorite and guaranteed to be one of the most parties of your season. We will have appetizers, booze, and DJ-spun music by our own Greg Crane. Please RSVP. We hope to see you there!

*TJ’s Gym MUSIC PLAYLISTS COMING THIS WEEK!!!!!  Yes, People!  Thanks to the encouragement of Mill Valley’s Tim Piastrelli, we will be rolling out a playlist-sharing function through Spotify, which will allow us all to share our favorite music for classes AND to vote on whose deserves more playing time!  So, so many opportunities for banter, and this will surely cut down on the suggestions regarding Coach Anthony’s music. I mean…

*TJ’s Gym SPARTAN RACE TEAM and TRAINING GROUP for APRIL, 2017:  If you’re interested in being a part of a TJ’s training group and team for the Spartan Race in San Jose in April, please email  Spaces in the race are filling quickly, so act now if you want in! Check out more info on the race here.

*Don’t forget to make use of Power Supply Meals during this busy time of year.  Power Supply delivers fresh meals to TJ’s San Rafael twice weekly. Order meals online, pick them up when you come to the gym, and get a break from cooking without a break from great quality food.  To place your order, just click on the link below!  If you would like to see deliveries to TJ’s Mill Valley or Corte Madera, please email, and if we get enough interest, we will make that happen!

*Pure Pharma 30-Day Supply boxes of all the vitamins you need can now be ordered by monthly prescription and delivered to your home! Just place your order through the TJ’s link, and get your first month at a 15% discount! Here is the link to order with your discount. Feel free to share with friends and family!

*The New Bootcamp/CrossFit Lite classes with Allison and Nicki are going strong!  Come out Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30am in Mill Valley if you’re up for just enough foundational strength with lots of conditioning. New people are welcome–no intro needed,  no techincal work with barbells, and tons of fun, so bring friends!  First class is free for newbies, and then we sell class packs or monthly access.




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