RODEO WRAP-UP and Workouts for the Week of 10/24/16

Thanks to Rodeo athlete, Rich Searle, for this fabulous photo!


Our 8th-annual TJ’s Gym Rodeo was a HUGE success! Thanks to our amazing coaching staff, our solid crew of eager and willing volunteers, the hundreds of people who came to spectate and cheer, and, of course, the super badass athletes who put it all on the line to compete with each other today. This event is always a community builder and leaves us feeling lucky and blessed to be a part of this thing we do together. Can’t wait till next year, and in the mean time, mark your calendars for the 11th-annual Thanksgiving Day Workout at Redwood High at 9am. Plan to bring friends and family–the more the merrier!

We will be posting loads of photos and a super-cool video as soon as possible, so stay tuned for those. Below are the results from the day, but first please these important announcements. Also, we will post the rest of the week’s workouts tomorrow night. This is a TESTER week. Rodeo athletes can ask coaches for substitutes if need be. Monday and Tuesday are both Rodeo workouts.

Monday 10/24: Coaches’ Choice Warm-up. Then:

Power Clean and Squat Clean EMOM Min 0, 1, 2: 3 reps Power Clean (cannot be a squat) Min 3, 4, 5: 2 reps Power Clean (cannot be a squat clean) Min 6, 7, 8:  1 SQUAT CLEAN (must squat) REST ONE MINUTE AND THEN RIGHT INTO: 30, 20, 10 reps of the following Alternating Single Arm DB Snatch 40/25 Double Unders Situps (touch floor behind head and touch toes in front) EVERY 2 Minutes, you must row 150m


Thu 10/27 All Levels Wrench Allison
Warmup Coaches Choice
A 3rm Hang Power Snatch
B. 9/15/21 Row Cals and Power Snatch 95/65 5 rounds: Row 10 cal, 10 empty barbell hang clean and jerk, 10 candlestick to standing
C. Max Side Plank attempt each side
TJ’s Notes:
Fri 10/28 All Levels Wrench Allison
Warmup Coaches Choice
A1 Single Arm 5rm DB Press
B. “TJ’s Triathlon”

For Time
Row 1000/850m
Run 1000m
Airdyne 100/70 Calories

TJ’s Notes:
Sat 10/29 All Levels Wrench Allison
Warmup Coaches Choice
A. 5rm Back Squat
B. 2,000 Meter Row for Time
At the 1st Minute – 1 Sit-up
At the 2nd Minute – 2 Sit-ups
At the 3rd Minute – 3 Sit-Ups
Continue to add 1 Sit-Up per round.
Time Cap – 14:00 Minutes
8 sets: 10 heavy Russian Swings, 10 burpess AFAP, 250 row sprint. Rest 90 seconds.
TJ’s Notes
Sun 10/30 All Levels Wrench Allison
Warmup Coaches Choice
A Max Make Up Day
B 18min AMRAP 15 Box Jump or Step Up 12 S2O 95/65 9 T2B 26 min AMRAP: 12 Box Jump or Step Up, 9 T2B, 6 pushups, Run 400m

*BOOTCAMP / CROSSFIT LITE / STRENGTH AND SUPER-SWEATY CONDITIONING classes are ON at TJ’s Mill Valley. Tuesdays (with Nicki) and Thursdays (with Allison) both at 9:30am. Bring friends new to TJ’s on Thursdays–their first class is free and no intro is needed. Hit foundational strenght with dumbbells, kettlebells, and bodyweight resistance, and then tackle long, fun metcons every time!  Super fun, super accessible, and all sorts of ass kicking. Just no technical lifting. Regular TJ’s memberships apply–no need for special packages.  The regular 9:30 Tuesday class will now be this class, instead. Thursday this class is in addtion to the Open Gym time. Email with questions.

*Don’t forget to order your Pure Pharma vitamin packs and get your first month at a discount. O3, M3, D3 in daily packets delivered monthly. Taking care of yourself was never this easy!  Sign up for their 30-day supply boxes so you don’t miss a beat! And you’ll even get 15% off your first month when you order!  Here is the link to order with your discount.Here’s a quick little video about why signing up for a PP3 subscription is a smart idea, and the discount for TJ’s Members (and NorCal Masters Athletes) is a no brainer!



1st: Hyden Pollikoff;   2nd:  Cole Ford;   3rd:  Jackson Sperling

Honorable Mention: Payton Paleaz


1st: Zach Werner;   2nd: Tom Clark;   3rd: Andy Zink


1st: Jeff Peterson;   2nd:  Luke Maher;  3rd: Dan Schrauth


After further scoring review and a check of the security camera, we determined that SHARI  MEULLER AND ENRIQUE LOPEZ took FIRST place by .5!  2nd place:  Caitlin and Jake Durling 3rd place:  Emily Bongiorno and Kevin Sinnott.  This was a stacked field, and the competition was fierce!


Female:  Jeanette Thorson  Male:  Todd See

*A word of thanks to the companies who supported the Rodeo–Please see below for our Rodeo sponsors and try their great products. For real, we are personal fans and consumers of ALL of them!

~All Pro Science: Get their amazing protein and recovery products at all three TJ’s Gym locations! They are a favorite in the Belger household, so feel free to ask us about their products if you’re interseted!


*Some of you may have had a taste of the delicious Power Supply meals at the Rodeo. They are seriously amazing! Power Supply delivers fresh meals to TJ’s San Rafael twice weekly. They work with local chefs to create tasty meals, free of gluten & dairy, for both meat-eaters and vegetarians.
Order meals online, pick them up when you come to the gym, and get a break from cooking without a break from great quality food.
To place your order, just click on the link below!

~REEBOK: Long-time Rodeo sponsors. Get your CrossFit and other workout attire and shoes from our friends at Reebok. The know what’s up!

~AMAZING GRASS PRODUCTS: We carry their great Green Superfood, so you can infuse your favorite drink or smoothies with extra goodness and flavor. Ask us if you’re curious–we know first-hand how easy it makes getting vitamins in your kids!

~ATHLETA: Their apparel is THE BOMB, and their ethos as a company is awesome. We are big fans of the brand. Shop there!

~Good Earth markets. Hit them up right after your workout, right in our backyard in Mill Valley.

~Kill Cliff: You see these at the gyms-a refreshing way to quench your thirst after a workout!

~HINT WATER: A splash of flavor in your water. Simple. Genius. Get some!

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