TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of Sept. 26
















Congratulations to Brian and Nate on graduation from Infantry OSUT.  Onward to Airborne! We miss you both!


*Open Gym in Mill Valley will close an hour early–at noon–this Thursday, September September 29.  The gym will be open as usual prior to noon and will re-open as usual for the 3pm class.

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*TJ’s RODEO!!!!! SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23rd at the San Rafael gym.  YOU NEED TO REGISTER BY THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th TO GET A T-SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t wait. DO IT NOW!!!! We’ve got all sorts of options (individual, partner, scaled, Rx, TEENS!!!!), so no excuses!  It’s the most fun you’ll have exercising–that we can promise! Questions? Email

Go HERE to register for partners.

Go HERE to register as an individual (including teens).

Email if you want a partner and need help finding one.

*We still have some great sponsorship opportunities for both the TJ’s Rodeo and NorCal Masters events. If you have a business you’d like to promote, please email to get more information.  We are on the brink of announcing our NorCal Master registration dates, so if you want exposure to a huge number of athletes ages 40+, this will be your chance. Don’t delay!




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