TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of Sept. 12




Did you drive an hour or two this week weekend to an event? Did you then sit at the event? Why? Next time, stand up, so Monday doesn’t suck.

**Welcome to new Coach, Veronika!!!!! She’s not new to TJ’s Gym, but now, in addition to being a TJ’s Gym Affiliate Team member, Veronika is part of our awesome coaching staff. Check out her bio (note the gymnastics background for the next time you’re struggling with a gymnastics movement), and give her a big high-five next time you see her at the gym! screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-7-16-24-pm







*TJ’s RODEO!!!!! SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23rd at the San Rafael gym.  Registration is now LIVE!!!!!!!! Don’t wait. Get it now!  We’ve got all sorts of options (individual, partner, scaled, Rx, TEENS!!!!), so no excuses!  It’s the most fun you’ll have exercising–that we can promise!   Registration includes your event t-shirt.

Go HERE to register for partners.

Go HERE to register as an individual (including teens).

We cannot wait for this awesome event!  Email if you want a partner and need help finding one. Rodeo matchmaking is her side gig.

**The next Whole Life Challenge will begin on September 17thThe link to participate alongside your fellow TJ’s peeps is here. Register today and start getting psyched to right your ship in time for the next item on this list (or just to feel and look better by holiday time!).

**FREE Seminar for TJ’s members: Sunday, September 18th 10:30am at TJ’s Mill Valley. Speakers will be TJ, Dr. Drew, and Coach Gabe, whose other day job is with Pure Pharma. The seminar will cover injury prevention, body mechanics, modifications, training and recovery, and supplementation for optimal health and performance. (Please note we originally mentioned Sept 11th, but this will happen on September 18th).

**New Teen class is going strong in Mill Valley with Coach Anthony!  Thursdays at 4pm. Email to get your teen registered!  We have lots of other kids and teen classes ongoing and starting up for fall, so email if your teen is ready to jump in!

**Let us know if you want in on the TJ’s NorCal Masters 2017 training group. Starting in September, a group of TJ’s over-40 rockstars will train together in preparation for this great event!

**We have some great sponsorship opportunities for both the TJ’s Rodeo and NorCal Masters events. If you have a business you’d like to promote, please email to get more information.


This meso cycle we will be concentrating on improving the Front Squat using percentages.

monday-09-12-2016-1 Single Leg Bending for Hamstring Stretch and Lengthening and Single Arm Pushing Strength for this cycle. The point of the EMOM is to improve the skill of each movement while under fatigue. Virtousity, not redline. Coaches please explain




Going to mix Clean work with another strength piece each week. Then 80% effort for conditioning through each 3 min AMRAP. NO RESTING during the work phase. Slow your pace so there is constant movement.




EMOM Back Squats for the next four weeks and a chipper with heavy carries during this cycle.




First 4 week are about OHS, under fatigue, EMOM’s mixed with a Push or Pull. 3 to 1 work to rest ratio with multiple modalties and movements




Cycling through different planes of movement with the idea of increasing intensity, not heart rate. Then a 1:1 ratio of work to rest with a partner. Intensity will be high on this one




Single Sided Pushing and Bending for the next 4 wks. Descending Rep scheme work with a speed bump thrown in for fun. Building our muscular endurance








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