TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of Aug. 15th


While some of us were watching the Olympics while eating chips and dips over the weekend, Jen Foster was crushing it at the USA Triathlon Nationals, competing in the 40-44 age group. In a stacked field of champions, she finished 33rd out of 115, narrowly missing the next step of Worlds!  She’s secretly not so bummed about that! We are so impressed, Jen! Funny, because your husband, Brian, is a bit of a slacker. 

The end of the summer is a reflective time for us as owners.  We get to see all of our friends return from their trips and vacations and hear all about the different experiences everyone had–some funny, some heartfelt, and some sad.  Whether your summer has left you with memories to treasure, moments you’d rather forget, or a combination of both, we’re just happy you’re back home in this great community.  We’ve missed you!

*Save the date of Sunday, September 11th in Mill Valley for a free seminar with Dr. Drew, TJ, and Coach Gabe, whose other day job is with Pure Pharma. The seminar will cover injury prevention, body mechanics, modifications, training and recovery, and supplementation for optimal health and performance. Exact time TBD!

*Let us know if you want in on the TJ’s NorCal Masters 2017 training group. Starting in September, a group of TJ’s over-40 rockstars will train together in preparation for this great event!

*The RODEO is coming! Be ready. October, 2016. Date TBD. Individuals and mixed-gender partners. Don’t miss out. You’ll be bummed if you do.


08-15-2016 08-16-2016 08-17-2016 08-18-2016 08-19-2016 08-20-2016 08-21-2016 Barbell 08-21-2016 Strength - 08-17-2016


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