TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of June 27th



*It is with great sadness that we pass along news of the death of one of our extended TJ’s Gym family members. The incomparable Anne Beirne, who was a regular member of the 8:30 Corte Madera crew back in the day and later moved to the east coast, lost her battle with brain cancer. Those who knew Anne will remember her quick wit, her ability to light up a room (or the gym), her fierce determination, and her love of life.  Anne was a great example of how to be a strong, accomplished woman and a great friend, always keeping the big picture in mind and laughing off the small stuff. Her spirits were high till the end of her life, and she will surely live on in her wonderful sons. Our thoughts are with them, Anne’s beloved husband, Chuck, and the rest of their family. Raise a kettlebell for Anne this week, Everyone! She’ll be looking down and cheering for us all! Here is Anne’s obituary in the IJ. 

*Corte Madera Open Gym will end an hour early Monday, June 27th only. If you plan to workout during Open Gym, please know we need to close at 11am instead of noon just for the day!

*July 4th Schedule: 
San Rafael 7am and 8am; Corte Madera 7:30am; Mill Valley 7am and 8am

*Anyone with young soccer players wanting to develop their skills: mark your calendars for the TJ’s Gym / Juggling for Jude Soccer Juggling clinic. Saturday, July 30th at 2pm. All registration fees go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. See flyer for details, and please spread the word!

*Please let us know if you know any US military veterans recently completed active duty. We’re looking for our first TJ’s Gym US Veterans Fitness Scholarship athletes.  Check out the flyer for more information, and please send our way anyone who might be eligible!

*Tester week is upon us. I’m encouraging everyone to input results this week into our gym Google doc. You might think that you don’t care or it doesn’t matter, but the reality is that we are pulling testers from 2014, and a lot can change in two to three years. We have folks who have been tracking their results for 10 years and wish they started sooner. Other people just track a few different workouts per year. Seeing your fitness change through empirical data can be pretty satisfying over the long haul. 


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