TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of June 6th

image1 (4)Coach Tyler with his Saturday Teen Class in CM yesterday.
Personal Note from TJ:
Nearly five years ago, Tyler moved into Marin and joined the gym, some time after serving our country in Iraq as part of the US Army.  Tyler began by helping us out with some of the maintenance and moving of rigs and equipment as we grew into our space in Mill Valley.  I saw him occasionally at the gym, at first, and over time I began to see him out at social events and was happy that he was fitting into our community, even though I didn’t know him well.
When it came time for the TJ’s Rodeo (our annual TJ’s competition) that year, I asked him if he was interested in helping me set up for the event, which involved the brutal task of hauling mats, a pull-up rig, and all necessary equipment from four gyms to the Civic Center that Friday and Saturday and then setting it all up once it was transported. It happened to be 90 degrees both days, and I don’t think there was a single bumper plate or dumbbell left in the gyms.  Tyler stayed with me till the entire venue was ready to go and only then asked if it was ok to take off.  It was then that Jessica told me Tyler was going to compete the next day.  I almost fell over.  “What the hell are you doing, why didn’t you tell me?” I shouted at Tyler.  He just laughed, high five’d me, and left, only to show up hours later to compete.  Tyler was awarded the Spirit of the Rodeo that year for good reason.   For those two days we carried heavy shit, sweated our asses off,  and talked and talked and talked.
That was the beginning of our friendship.  Shortly after that, Tyler began working for us as a coach, and not long after that, he had become one of my closest friends.  It’s odd for a 47-year-old man to find a new best friend, but it happened.
For a while now, I’ve known that Tyler has decided to move back home to Illinois to be near his family.  We’ve had a lot of changes during the last few weeks, and I have to be honest: this one is hitting me the hardest. No doubt we all wish Tyler the best in his next adventure, but I will be personally holding out hope that this great person, motivator, coach, and friend will, some day, somehow, return to us here in Marin.
Best of luck, My friend.  They are lucky to have you.
THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 12th, 5:30pm at Piper Park in Larkspur.  This bbq is also in celebration of another wonderful man, another close friend and all-around great human being.  SHOCKINGLY, the ageless DOUG KYLE IS TURNING 60, and we will be raising a toast and reminiscing in Doug’s honor, as well.  We will provide meats for grilling and a musical interlude that will surely bring you to tears. Please feel free to bring a salad, side dish, or treat to share. Families are welcome, there’s a and volleyball court, a playground, and lots of green grass and dirt. 
You may recognize Dr. Doug as one of our website models, or from Facebook, where he has recently chronicled his Road to a 200# OHS. After hitting 195# last week, he’s going for 200 this Friday, so feel free to cheer him on over on the Discussion Board!
Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.16.46 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.19.21 PM
**Bring-a-Friend workout with TJ: Up Next is SAN RAFAEL this Saturday, June 11th at 9:30am.  You and your friend workout  for free during this class, which will allow veterans to do their thing while the newbies tackle a safe, modified version of the programming. TJ will share a bunch of thoughts on our program in particular, as well as general fitness, so there will be plenty of brain nuggets to take home.
**We’ve added a bunch of Open Gym times lately and are ironing out the final details for even Open Gym options, so please hang with us and consult the schedules page on our website, so you know for sure we are open before you pop in during a non-class time. Fridays 4-6pm in Corte Madera will be a go shortly, we promise!
**Workouts for the week are now posted in various places and in various formats, hopefully with something for everyone!  In addition to the icons posted below and on our TJ’s Gym Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, we also post cut-and-paste text versions on the Discussion Board every morning, so you can easily transfer them into your electronic workout logs.  We are also posting weekly Out-of-Town workouts on the D Board, so head on over if you’re in need of those.  If you’re still not engaged with the Discussion Board, you’re missing out! Email to get invited and connected!
**As always, we are all ears when it comes to feedback–constructive criticism included. Please email us if you have concerns, questions, or suggestions!  The other day, we received another great email thanking us for the awesome coaching and uptick in enthusiasm a long-time member has noticed in recent weeks.  We always appreciate hearing the positives, too, as it’s a good reminder for us to keep up the good work and specifically highlight something that is going well. Thanks, Karene!
*As you have probably noticed, we like to highlight our community members doing great things outside of the gym, so please send us photos of your latest fitness pursuit, outdoor adventure, run, ruck, or stretch session. You name it, we want to hear about it and share it with others! Send them to or tag @tjsgyms on Instagram or TJ’s Gym CrossFit on Facebook. We love celebrating what everyone is doing!
Here’s to a GREAT week, Everyone!

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