TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of May 30th

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We hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend, remembering those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom and protection, and thanking those who serve and have served. On that note, Brian and Nate are heading off together this week to Basic Training, with the goal of becoming part of the United States Army Special Forces.  They have been training hard and focusing on this goal for quite some time. If you see them at the gym this week, give them an extra long hug or solid handshake. Nate and Brian, we wish you well.  We hope you reach your goals, we thank you in advance for your service, and we will pray for your safety, always. You are stand-up men, and we will miss you around here, so come back for a visit sooner than later!


*Due to sidewalk construction,the Corte Madera gym will close from 9:30am to 5:00pm TOMORROW, Tuesday 5/31. 6am, 8:30am, and 5:30pm classes will be on as usual.  No open gym for tomorrow, only, so feel free to head to Mill Valley or San Rafael if you want to workout while CM is closed. Kids 4pm class will be combined with the tweens 5pm class tomorrow, from 5-6pm.

*More Bring-a-Friend Workouts with TJ coming up! Class is FREE for you and your friend if you bring one. It’s a great way to show your friends what you do at the gym and expose them to the awesome TJ’s community.  Get a refresher, yourself, on TJ’s take on why we do things the way we do. Don’t miss out!

Corte Madera 9am THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 4th.

San Rafael 9:30am next Saturday, June 11th

*Teen Summer Personal Training Special! Starting June 1st, teen ten-packs will be discounted to $799 (usually $900). Email if you’d like to purchase a discounted 10-pack for a teen in your life.

*TJ’s Gym BBQ Sunday, June 12th 5:30pm. This will be a party for a beloved member of the TJ’s Gym’s family.  We will announce details next week on the blog. Location TBD, but likely a park where kids can run around and play. We will provide meats for grilling, so please plan to bring a side dish or treat to share.

*Gym Schedules: We are working hard to address the open gym requests you all have made and are ALMOST there! Corte Madera 4-6pm Fridays is next on our list, and we hope to be able to announce this new time in the next couple of weeks. We should also have additional times in Mill Valley during the currently off 7:15-8:30am window. You can view all three gym schedules here.

*The TJ’s Gym Discussion Board is hopping! Don’t miss out on the information, sharing of workout results, banter, and fun! Email for an invite if you’re not on there already.

*Note from TJ:

I’ve been hearing some good things about the program these days, and that makes me happy.  I also realize that there’s been an increase in volume and that some folks might be feeling it.  I see two options for anyone performing our workouts over the next month.  The first option is that if you’re feeling extra sore or tired but want to come to the gym to move and be around your people, ask a coach to set you up with some strength work.  We all need to be stronger, and every coach has the ability to quickly set up a great workout based off of your attendance and how your body is feeling.  The second option is to do an aerobic flush.  You can always go for a 5k run or hike or hit the stairs, but if you want to be around your community, come in for an “Around the World” workout.  For example:  250m Row, 200m Jog, 60 seconds of Jump Rope, 45 sec Plank, 20 Cal Ski Erg, Rest 1 min x 5 rds.  This is all done at an aerobic pace.  This type of workout flushes the systems, gets a great sweat going, and everyone gets to see your pretty face.  Be an advocate for yourself, and speak up if you need help monitoring your system! Email me at with any feedback about the programming. I’m all ears and know that hearing from you is a great tool for me as we move forward together.

Thanks to Jessica for these slick, new daily workout icons:



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