TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of May 9 2016











A Few Words about the New Programming at TJ’s Gyms

I’m excited about the next steps in our evolution of awesome programming at TJ’s, and I wanted you all to have an idea of what the plan is.

Above is a picture of what I refer to as “The Meter.” The Meter represents the broad and general description of the type of person who attends TJ’s Gym every day and/or the attitude that someone has when entering the gyms. The key is defining where we fall on the meter, short and long-term, so we can maximize our time and effort.

The smallest portion of the Meter at TJ’s Gyms comprises the competitor. This is someone who has the areas of Coach/Goal/Plan maxed out. The next portion would be GPP–the person who has a pretty good idea of what he/she wants to achieve, a pretty good plan, and solid input from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Health and Wellness folks are showing up every day and trying their best to get better. The last group is just happy to be here today, and “Please don’t yell at me, because life outside the gym is intense right now, so I’m doing the best I can.”

The idea is to try to define where you fall when you walk in each day and then have the coaches do their best to help you get what you need. Today. On any given day, an athlete might have the plan of a Competitor but the desire of a Therapy client, or visa versa.  And that’s ok.

My idea for the gyms as we transition to a new line of programming is to be as open as possible about what the intent of each workout is, no matter which level you choose. We will work of off macro (6 months), meso (7-8 weeks), and micro (1 week) cycles. These cycles are going to be clearly defined and communicated, so the entire population at TJ’s Gyms can see what we are trying to achieve. We will peak our members in the areas of the 10 human modalities (speed, strength, agility,accuracy, balance coordination, stamina, endurance, flexibility, and power), the four areas of human movement (push, pull, bend, and squat) and the ability to excel at short bursts of high intensity output (anaerobic/hormonal work) and longer efforts (cardiovascular/oxygen output).

The macrocycle we follow is based of of the TJ’s Rodeo competition/testing forum in late October and the CrossFit Open in late February. We realize that many members in the Health and Wellness/Therapy range are not interested in these forums, but we feel they are still good anchors for everyone for the annual cycle.  The meso cycles are where we decide what specific skills and intensities we would like our athletes to improve upon. The microcycle is where we mix up the days, knowing that most of you aren’t on a very set schedule. For example, if we are doing Back Squats on Monday of one week, we want to move the Back Squats to another day the next week, to keep things varied and to make sure that people with a set schedule aren’t missing out on a particular movement for a full cycle.

The next topic I want to cover is work-to-rest ratio. We spend a majority of our time in our facilities improving the kinds of efforts that lead to hormonal changes.  Science tells us that anaerobic activity improves aerobic capacity, but aerobic activity does NOT improve anaerobic functioning.  You will see ratios in the 1:1, 1:2, 2:1, 1:3 and 3:1 areas. I will define the intent each workout every day, adding an explanation underneath my description of the workout. The goal is for each athlete to be able to make sure to be in the “cluster” and not an “outlier” for that particular workout (e.g., you shouldn’t finish a set in 2 minutes if everyone else is taking 60 seconds).

As for the three lines of programming we currently have in place, we are working out the best combination of programs and how to integrate them in a more thoughtful way, allowing for all class members to do a good portion of the day’s work together.  We hear from many of you that getting back to a more cohesive group experience is key to your enjoyment, motivation, and success. There will always be a place for individuals to do their own workout or to modify for injuries in every class and in every Open Gym hour. That will never change. We just want to reignite the group fire that, for some, has dwindled in recent times.

I hope this helps you have a big-picture handle on how things will work.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions or suggestions. I’ve already received a lot of great input, and I’m incorporating everyone’s suggestions as I create the next few weeks of workouts.

All that being said, my goal for this coming week is for us all to have fun, because we have just ended a testing week and having fun is always a good thing!  I hope you all enjoy yourselves this week, and then we will get down to the business of the new programming starting next Monday, May 16th.

PS. Our next tester week will be the week of June 27th. We then will enter summer, when everyone’s schedules will be a little wonky. The programming will be fairly basic throughout the summer and will be designed to keep you all healthy as you come in and out between summer trips. We will then get back to specific training programming during the last week of August and through the TJ’s Rodeo.


*Next weekend is the CrossFit Regionals for California, and we’ve got a team going! Woohoo! With so many coaches heading south this week, you can expect to see some changes to the coaching roster in your usual classes. Rest assured, you’ll be in great hands, no matter when you show up.  We only have TWO minor schedule changes!

Saturday, May 14th: THERE WILL BE NO CLASS AT 9:30 in Mill Valley, and Open Gym in Corte Madera will end at 10am instead of 11am.  No Teens in Corte Madera that day. Teens are welcome to come for Open Gym at 9am.

All other classes and open gym times will be happening, which is a small miracle, so please be sure to thank the amazing coaches working overtime this week to keep all three gyms humming!

*New Men’s T-shirts are IN! Great colors, great fit, super soft. Get yours while they’re still available, and email if you don’t see your size, because we have more!

*New Women’s Tops are coming!  Email if you have an idea for a cool new women’s TJ’s top. We are looking for fun new styles!


All Levels, Wrench, and Allison’s:
A1. Push Press; 3,3,3,3,3; 2111 x 4-5 sets (build) or Hang Power Snatch; 5 sets of 3 reps
A2. Walking Lunge; 20 Steps x 4-5 sets (build); DB’s at sides or Barbells on Back Rack
Rest as needed between sets

Partner Workout

“Divorce Court”
20 Deadlifts total 225/155 (heavy; can’t do more than ten) One partner working at a time
Run/Row 400m together
50 KB swings total 70/53 one at a time
Run/Row 200m together
30 Power Cleans total 155/105, one at a time
Run/Row 200m; together
20 Burpees each partner at same time
Run/Row 200m; together
20 Pullups each partner at same time (jumping or kipping, no banded)
Run/Row 200m; together
50 KB swings total one at a time
Run/Row 200m; together
30 Squat Cleans total, 115/75, one at a time
Run/Row 400m
*This workout is high volume, low intensity. The goal is to keep chipping away and pat yourself on the back for finishing. 25-30 min


All Levels
*Coaching session on triple extension during the Clean and Snatch
A. 3 Position Power Clean; High Hang + Knees + Floor; On the 90 sec for 8 sets

EMOM x 10
Odd – 5 Power Cleans or Power Snatch
Even – 8 Ring Dips or Bar Dips or 4 Muscle Ups

EMOM x 10
Odd – 10 Sprawl to Box Jumps Step Down or 15 GHD Situps
Even – 30sec AD/Row Sprint

A. Snatch Deadlift +Hang Muscle Snatch+ Hang Power Snatch; 0n the 90 sec for 8 sets (build)
B. Same as All Levels for the EMOMs, done together.


A. 3 Position Power Clean; High Hang + Knees + Floor; On the 90 sec for 8 sets  with All Levels

B. EMOM x 2 with the group but slightly different:

EMOM x 10
Odd – 5 Power Cleans + 20 DU’s or 30 singles
Even – 8 burpees + 8 situps

EMOM x 10
Odd – 10 Sprawl to Box Jumps Step Down or 15 GHD Situps
Even – 45 sec AD/Row

8 min jog or row cool down if you have time


*Coaching session on proper shoulder position during Overhead Squats and Snatching
All Levels, Allison’s, and Wrench together:

Warm-up 10 min EMOM at 70% effort:
Odd- 12 Heavy Ball Ground to over your shoulder
Even- 20 Walking lunge Steps (add weight if desired)

All Levels
A. OHS or Front Squat; 10-8-6; rest as needed


8 min AMRAP @ 85%
Row 200m
8 DB Single Arm Power Snatch; alt hands
8 Push Ups
rest 2min
8min AMRAP @ 85%
Run 100m
5 Overhead Squats or Front Squats (95/65)
15 Situps

A. Split Jerk; 2-2-2-2-2-2; rest 2mins (build up to a max over 6 sets)

5 Rounds for Time
5 Strict HSPU
10 Alternating Pistols
15 Toes to Bar
30 Double Unders


A1. OHS or Front Squat; 3, 3, 3;

A2. Strict pullups 5,5,5

9 min AMRAP @ 85%
Row 200m
8 DB Single Arm Power Snatch; alt hands
8 toes to bar
rest 1 min
9 min AMRAP @ 85%
Run 200m
5 light DB thrusters
15 Situps


All Levels
*Coaching session on proper kipping/grip technique for kipping/butterfly pullups/muscle ups: 10-15

EMOM x 6
Odd-15 DB Ext Rotation each Arm
Even- 20 Mt Climbers (2 is 1) and 10 Plate Ground to OH (45/25)

A. Push Press; 5,3,1,5,3,1; rest as needed

4 Sets @ 100%
10 DB Push Press (45/30)
15 Russian KBS or 10 Pullups
30sec Airdyne/Row Sprint
rest walk 2-3mins

Wrench and Allison’s make up day or All Levels


All Levels:
A1. Back Squat; 30X1; 4-4-4-4; rest 30sec
A2. DB Bench Press; 8-10 reps; rest 30sec; 3 sets
A3. 60+ Sec Plank (on rings or floor); rest 2mins; 3 sets

For Time:
30 Burpees
30 Front Squats (135/95)
30 Calories AD/Row
30 T2B
30 Alternating Step Ups (BW)
300m Run

A. Clean Grip RDL; 3121; 6-4-4-3; rest 2:30
B. Muscle Clean; 3,3,3,3; rest 90 sec
C. 4 sets hard
5 TnG Squat Clean 145/105
8 Burpee Box Jump Overs
50m Farmer Carry Heavy
Rest 90
D. 200m Row Interval x 4 sets: 10 sec slower than 500m split time
ex. if 1:40 500m time, then row 4 sets at 1:50
60 sec rest

A1. Back Squat 4-4-4-4; rest 30sec
A2. 60+ Sec Plank (on rings or floor); rest 1 min; 4 sets

For Time (should start a little before All Levels in order to finish on time):

5 rounds:
10 Burpees
10 Wallballs
30 Calories AD/Row
10 Medball situps
10 Alternating Step Ups (BW)
300m Run


All Levels, Wrench, and Allison’s
Team Workout (Teams of 3)
“Team Annie”
450 Reps of Double Unders and 450 Situps. Only 2 members work at a time.
Recover and set up for:

Team Fight Gone Bad. Task Priority.
3 rounds
20 Wall-ball, 20/14 pound ball, 10 ft target (Reps)
20 KB Sumo deadlift high-pull, 70/44 pounds (Reps)
20 Box Jump, 20″ box (Reps)
20 Push-press, 75/45 pounds (Reps)
20 Row (Calories)
Partner 1 starts at WB. Partner 2 and 3 rest. As each station is completed the next Partner moves on. You cannot move forward until your partner finishes the station in front of you. Each partner rests exactly 60 sec upon completion of the row


A. DL work up to a tough triple in 15 min

B. 5 rounds:
Run 400m
In remaining time in 4 mins do the following:
8 pullups (jumping or kipping)
8 DB thrusters
10/8 cal AD or Row
Rest 2 minutes


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