TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of 4/18


The winner of the TJ’s Spring Break social media photo contest is Jen Kipp! Her picture of her and Hamilton with fellow 6am-ers, Zach and Aaron in Mexico is pretty great–not because they’re all so attractive, but because they all met there randomly, or at least that’s what they’re saying. Jen-grab yourself a TJ’s sweatshirt and travel coffee mug as your prize! 

*If you’re coming back to the gym after some time away, be sure to moderate your intensity level appropriately. Ask a coach for help if you need it!

*Dunk tank body comp testing on Sunday, May 8th. We still have spots. Email to schedule. What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day?

*Stay tuned for some cool clinics our TJ’s Regionals team will be offering for $20/person as a fundraiser for their trip to Regionals in May.


All Levels
A1. Squat Clean + Front Squat + 2 Thrusters; rest 90-120sec x 4-5 sets
A2. Kipping Pull Up; AMRAP Unbroken (-2); rest 90-120sec x 4-5 sets

Every 3mins perfrom the following x 5 sets
Row 200/175m
12 Wall balls
10 No Push Up Burpees
A. Back Squat; 20X1; 8,8,8; rest 3mins
B1. Banded Deadlift; 6,6,6; rest 60sec
B2. AMRAP Strict Ring Dip (-1); rest 60sec x 3
B3. KB Front Rack Carry 50m Heavy; rest 2mins x 3
Airdyne Sprint 12sec @ 97%
rest full recovery x 4



5 Strict Pullups (use bands that allow for hard but doable reps)
30 second plank hold on elbows
200m FAST run
15 Cal AD Sprint
Rest 2:30 b/w sets

B. Tabata: Alternate pushups with hollow rocks

All Levels
5 Sets for Times

Airdyne 16/12 Calories
15 Box Jump Step Down 24/20″
6 Renegade Rows
Run 200m
15m Walking Lunge
20 Anchored Sit Ups

rest walk 3-4mins between sets
*rotate order of movements every set

A. Pause Push Press; 3,3,3,3; rest 2mins
B. Strict Supinated Pull Up; 3,3,2,2; rest 2mins
3 Sets
36 Double Unders
12 C2B
9 Strict HSPU
6 Burpee Box jump Overs
3 Rope Climbs
rest walk 2mins between sets

A1. Front Squat 3, 3, 3, 3

B. EMOM 30 min
1. 9 burpee box step up and down
2. 7 toes to bar + 25 DU’s
3. Row 40 seconds

All Levels
“Threshold Sets”

4 Sets @ 95%
6 Hang Power Cleans
6 Burpees Over Barbell
Row 200/175m
rest walk 3-4mins
*record time

4 Sets @ 95%
8 Push Pressl TnG (from rack)
10 Russian KBS
Airdyne 30sec HARD
Rest walk 3-4mins
*record time and Calories
A. Hang Snatch + 2 Snatch Balance + 3 OHS; rest 2mins x 5 Sets
EMOM x 10mins
Odd – 8 Thrusters 95/65
Even – Row 12/9 Calories

EMOM x 10mins
Odd – 10 GHD Sit Ups
Even – 15 Wall Balls

A1. Single Leg RDL with DB’s. 6 per leg not alternating.
A2. 10-12 pushups — use bar to raise torso as modification if needed

B. 8 sets

8 Russian KB swings
8 Sprawls
Row 200m or run 200m
Rest 90 seconds


X3 sets
A1. Fat Grip Deadlift 6-8reps Tough

A2. 100m 2-Arm Farmers Carry

A3. 1-3 Dips Wtd. 30×1

A4. Amrap Push Ups 3010

A5. 5 tall DB box Jumps

A6.12 Heavy alt. DB 1-Arm Snatches

3mins rest

All Levels
A1. Front Rack Step UP (low box); 3-5/leg tough; rest 90sec x 4
A2. Supinated Strict Pull Up; 21X1; 3-5reps; rest 90sec x 4

4 Sets for Reps
:45sec – DB Burpee Ground to Overhead
:15sec – REST
:45sec – Wall Walks
:15sec – REST
:45sec – Candlestick to Jump Squat
1:15 – REST
rest reps per round

Wrench rest or make up
Allison rest or make up

All Levels
A1. Power Clean; 1.1 x 5; rest as needed
A2. Close Grip Bench Press; 1.1 x 5; rest as neede

3 Sets for Times
Row 400m/350m
15 Power Cleans 115/75
15 Buprees
rest walk 3mins between sets

A. Front Squat w/ Chains; 2 reps @ 55% 1RM + Chains; every 45sec x 10 sets
B. CGBP; 20X1; 5,4,3,3; rest 2mins
For Time
200m Farmers Carry 70/53
40 Wall Balls
30 T2B
20 KBS 70/53
5 Rope Climbs


A. HPC + PC build to a tough set over 15 minutes

B. 6 sets
5 PC moderate weight
10 air squats AFAP
35 sed AD Sprint

C. Tabata Row

All Levels
A1. Half Kneeling Single Arm DB Press; 2112; 6reps; rest 60sec x 4
A2. Single Arm DB Row; 2111; 6 reps; rest 60sec x 4
A3. L-Sit 30sec; rest 60sec x 4

14mins AMRAP
100m Farmers Carry
50 Double Unders
20m OH Plate Walking Lunges
10 Strict Pull Ups

A. Power Clean; 2.2.2 (TnG drop set); rest 3min x 4

3min AMRAP @ 90%
10 Walking LUnges
10 Abmat Sit ups

rest 2mins

3min Row @ 90%

rest 2mins

3min AMRAP @ 90%
5 Box Jumps 24/20
5 Push Ups

rest 2mins

3min Airdyne @ 90%

rest 2mins

3min AMRAP @ 90%
5 Burpees
5 HPC 95/65

A. 4 rounds for time:
8 pullups
12 single arm snatches (6 per arm, not alternating)
Run 400m

B. Airdyne sprints:
10 sets
20 seconds sprint 40 seconds rest

C. Tabata medball situps

A1. KB Single Arm SL DL 3011 6-8 Reps/leg x4 Sets 45 Sec Rest
A2. DB Bench Press 3-5 TOUGH Reps x4 Sets 45 Sec Rest
A3. Russian Twists 20 Reps x 4 sets 2:00 Min Rest
B. 5 Min AMRAP @85% Aerobic
200m Run
5 Power cleans
5 Burpee plate jumps x3 2:00 Min Rest
(Stay consistent with rounds and reps)

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