TJ’s Gym Workouts for the week of March 28th

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With the help of some of our coaches, I have put together a little PSA regarding the taping of the pullup bars.  Some of you have no idea what I’m talking about, while others of you are taping pullup bars while we “speak.” First off, a little history.

Many things in life have a cycle.  Eight years ago, almost all of our pullup bars were taped. Pretty much everyone who walked into the gym had a goal of achieving a pullup–a kipping pullup, to be exact.  Working towards and “getting” pullups was even one of they ways we were measuring dedication at the time.  At some point it became apparent that taping the pullup bars allowed some people to get a better grip and hang on to the bar longer, therefore increasing the number of pullups they could get.  Some folks hated it.  It was also a time when bloody hands were part of the culture–tolerated, if not fully accepted.

You can’t clean bloody, taped pullup bars. It’s just gross. We actually used to tape over the blood. Gross solution to a gross problem.

What was I thinking, allowing all of the above to be so? There’s a lot to say about growth and development, but that’s for another post.  The good news is that, eventually, we came to our senses and forbid pullup bars from being taped because of the possibility of spreading infection, and, once again…it’s gross.

Fast forward to this year’s CrossFit Open, which will officially come to a close Monday at 5pm.  A couple of months ago, a taped pullup bar magically appeared at one of the gyms.  “Uh oh” I thought.  We’re going to have a monkey-see, monkey-do situation here, and sure enough, by the time the last week of the Open came around, there were seven bars with tape on them!  That’s because, during the Open, it became obvious that some of the athletes would do better if they used taped pullup bars for the workouts. Can’t argue that. It helps with gripping.  But, when those athletes go to Regionals (hooray!), or if any athlete goes to a competition of any kind for that matter, I can guarantee there won’t be tape on the pullup bars.  Plus, it’s gross, and you can’t clean tape. Blood and bacteria will die on steel but will live far longer on tape. That’s right. It’s gross. So, please know that our rule at all three gyms is clearly this: NO TAPE ON THE PULLUP BARS!


*Happy EASTER to all who celebrated today!

*We will be having a TJ’s Gym party to celebrate the end of the CrossFit Open 2016!  It’s now officially over, and we have a lot to celebrate. We had previously announced April 22nd as the date for the party, but we need to reschedule, since that’s the first night of Passover, so not ideal for everyone. Thanks for your patience, and stay tuned!

We will have some official announcements coming soon, after this week’s scores have been tallied, but for now, let’s just say it’s been a truly successful Open for our competitors GOING TO REGIONALS (!!!!) and a super-fun and rewarding one for our every-day warriors. We will try to put together some highlights for next week. Meanwhile congratulations to everyone who participated in any way!

*Sunday, May 8th: DUNK TANK body composition testing returns to the San Rafael gym. Please email to schedule a time.


*Sunday, April 10th 9-11am: Get your kids running for a great reason. This 5k run will honor the memory of a local Marin girl named Chanel, who lost her battle with brain cancer recently. The ivivva store in Corte Madera is organizing the run, which will take place at Blackie’s pasture in Tiburon. There will be games and an auction, and the runners will be warmed up by Hollis Belger of Juggling for Jude (and TJ’s), her sister, Lyle, and their friend, Kayla, who is beating brain cancer with the help of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  This is sure to be a meaningful and memorable event, so please have your kids join in if they’re inclined. Please email if you’d like to register.  Pink and grey are suggested colors for brain cancer awareness.

*From our friends at Freestyle Connection:
Check out this 2 Hour Freestyle Connection Seminar with Coach Will Sockolov at Flagship Upper Market taking place on Saturday, April 2nd from 1-3 pm.
Coaches and athletes of all levels are welcome.
This 2 hour workshop is special segment of the classic Freestyle teachings to help you continue to master the Muscle Up and Handstand Push Up through simple progressions.


Monday, March 28th:

All Levels
A1. Front Rack Step Up (low box height); 43-5/leg; rest 90sec x 4
A2. Side Star Plank; 30sec hold/side; rest 90sec x 4 (scale down to calm shell side plank)

3 Sets for Reps
:45sec – DB Hang Squat Clean (40/25)
:15sec – REST
:45sec – Kipping Pull Ups
:15sec – REST
:45sec – Airdyne Caloires
1:15 – REST
*record Reps + Calories for each Round

A. Snatch – build to 80% in no more than 6 sets

B. Snatch Pull – @ 100% of best snatch; 3,3,3

C. Back Squat; 2 reps @ 60% every 60sec x 8 sets

EMOM x 12mins
1st – Row 15/10 Cals
2nd – 15 Wall Balls
3rd – 10-12 Pull Ups


A1.  DB Walking Lunges: 10 steps per leg, 4 sets

A2. Strict pullups 5, 5, 5, 5

Rest 1 minute

B. 8 sets:

8 Barbell thrusters 35/55

8 pullups

20 second plank hold

Run 200 m

Rest 90 seconds

All Levels
3 Sets @ 95%
Row 18/14 Calories
rest walk 2-3mins

3 Sets @ 95%
5 Hang Power Snatch
Airdyne 25sec Sprint
Rest walk 2-3mins

3 Sets @ 95%
10 Push Press (from Rack)
Run 200m
Rest walk 2-3mins

A. Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk; work to a moderately tough complex

B. 3 Sets
Airdyne 21/15 Cals
5 Deadlifts 315/225
10 Bar Facing Burpees
rest walk 2mins between sets


A1. Single Leg RDL with DB’s 8 per leg (as heavy as you can w/good form)
A2. DB Press 3, 3, 3, 3
Rest 1 minute; 4 sets

B. 6 sprint sets
5 Deadlifts
10 sprawls
35 second AD sprint
Rest 2-2:30

All Levels
A1. Half Kneeling Single Arm Landmine Press; 2112; 4-6/arm; rest 60sec x 4
A2. Prone DB Row; 2111; 6-8 reps; rest 60sec x 4
A3. Wall Walk; 3-4 reps Slow controlled; rest 90sec x 4

9min AMRAP – 90% – tough aerobic pace
10 Box Jump Step Down 24/20″
10 No Push Up Burpees
10 DB Push Press 40/25
A. CGBP; 20X1; 1.1.1; rest 10sec/rest 2mins x 4

For Time
10 Muscle Ups
400m Run
15 Strict HSPU
400m Run
20 T2B
400m Run
25 Ring Push Ups


A. Back Squat 3, 3, 3, 3

B. EMOM 30 min
1. 8 Ring Rows + 20 DU’s (modify pullups as needed so you can finish in 45 sec)
2. 6 wallballs + 6 medball situps
3. Row 40 seconds


A. Pause Back Squat 1RM

B. Pause Bench Press 5rep MAX

C. Wtd. Chin Up 1reps Max w/3sec Pause over Bar

All Levels
A. Front Squat; 22X1; 5,4,3,3; rest 2-3mins

B. Strict Pull Up – 60sec AMRAP; rest 3mins x 3 sets

5 Sets
Run 200m
12 Toes to Rings
15 Air Squats
Rest walk 90sec between sets

Round the World x 45mins

1min – Single Uners
1min – FLR
1min – Bear Crawl
1min – Row easy
1min – Airdyne easy
1min – TGU

Allison’s: Rest or make-up from earlier in the week or active recovery day (same as Wrench)

All Levels
A. Deadlift; 4,4,4,4,4; rest 2-3mins

B. RIng Push Up; AMRAP unbroken; rest 2mins x 3 sets

3 Sets For Times
Row 250/200m
10 KBS
10 Burpees
10 KBS
15/12 Cal Airdyne
rest walk 2-3mins between sets

A. Front Squat; 2.2; rest 20sec/reset 3mins x 3 sets

B. Strict C2B Pull Up – AMRAP unbroken; rest 3mins x 3

Row 300m @ 95%
rest walk 3mins x 3


5 Sets for Times

Row 250m
10 burpee box step up and down
15 hollow rocks
50 Double Unders
AD 15 Cal
20 Russian KB Swings

Rest 2 minutes

All Levels
5 Sets for Times

15 Wall Balls
15 HR PUsh Ups
Run 300m
50 Double Unders
45sec FLR (adv on ring)

rest walk 3-4mins between sets
*rotate order of movements every set
A. Power clean – build to a snappy TnG Double

For Time
100/80 Cal AD
80 Box Jump Step Down
600m Run
40 Burpees


A. Power clean build to a tough double in 15 min. (same as Wrench)

B. Every 4 minutes, perform the following x 5 sets
Run 300m
12 Toes to Bar
12 HPC (lightish weight)
3 candlestick to standing

A1. Top-Down RDL 30X1 5-7 Reps x4 sets 90 sec Rest (Increase weight from last week)
A2. Seated DB Press 20X1 5-7 Reps x4 sets 2:00 min rest (Increase weight from last week)

B. 4 sets High Intensity 97%:
100m Row
8 Russian Swings
8 No Push Up Burpee
100m Row
3:00 Min Rest

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