TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of 3/21

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So what you’ve got here is Will Egan (#4525) who completed “Murph” on Thursday in under 30 minutes and then WON the men’s division of the Canyon Meadow Trail Marathon on Sunday.  Seriously. Howard Solomon (#4556) conquered both these feats, as well, this past week.  We’ve got some pretty serious athletes around here.

*Come to YOGA in San Rafael Wednesdays 6am and Fridays 8:30am!

*The Mill Valley 9:30 M-F schedule has been slightly changed, due to long-standing attendance patterns. There will still be classes at 9:30 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays, the gym is almost always open, so you can feel free to come in for Open Gym time!

*Congrats to everyone completing the CrossFit Open workouts! It’s been great to be around some especially enthusiastic efforts by all who are competing, and our competitive team is CRUSHING IT!!!


All Levels
A1. 2 Front Squat 22X1 + 2 Thrusters; rest 90-120sec x 4-5 sets
A2. Ring Row @ 2020 Tempo AMRAP unbroken; rest 90-120sec x 4-5 sets

Every 4mins perfrom the following x 4 sets
Run 300m
15 Toes to bar
15 Wall Balls
A. Hang Snatch – build to 85% of you Max (10mins)

B. Hang Snatch + OHS – @ 90% of part A x 5 sets; rest as needed

C. Back Squat; 2,2,2 @ 80-85%; rest 2mins

EMOM x 15mins
1st – Row 14/11 Cals
2nd – 10 Thrusters 95/65
3rd – 8-10 C2B Pull ups

Same as All Levels today, but add an extra set if you’re so inclined!


All Levels
5 Sets for Times

Airdyne 18/15 Calories
15 Box Jump Step Down
50 Double Unders
15 HR Push Ups
Run 300m
20 Anchored Sit ups

rest walk 3-4mins between sets
*rotate order of movements every set

A. Push Press + Split Jerk (TnG); every 75sec x 8 sets

B. 4 Sets @ 90%
Airdyne 20/16 Cals
10 DB Push Press 55/35
5 Deadlifts 275/205
5 Burpee box Jumps Overs 30/24
rest walk 2mins between sets

5 Sets for Times

Row 250m
10 burpee box step up and down
50 Double Unders
15 medball situps
AD 15 Cal
20 Russian KB Swings

Rest 2 minutes

All Levels
3 Sets @ 95%
5 Power Cleans
5 Burpees
Row 200m
rest walk 2-3mins

3 Sets @ 95%
12 KBS
8 Jump Lunges
Airdyne 20sec
Rest walk 2-3mins

3 Sets @ 95%
10 Push Press TnG
Run 200m
Rest walk 2-3mins

A. Floor Press; 20X1; 5,5,5,5; rest 2mins

4 Sets
Run 300m
AMRAP Bar Muscle Up in 30sec
rest 30sec
Row 250/200m
AMRAP HR Push Ups in 30sec
rest 30sec
Ski 200m
AMRAP GHD Sit Ups in 30sec
rest 30sec
Airdyne .25 Miles
AMRAP Ring Dips Unbroken
rest walk 3-4mins between sets


Every 30sec x20 sets
Box Squats 1reps
x3 sets
B1. KB Front Rack Walking Lunge 15m
60-90sec rest
B2. Pause Bench Press 6-8reps  22×1
2-3mins rest
Every 20sec; x12sets
Alt. 1 tough Chin up & Pull up



A. 15 minutes to build up in the following complex:

B. 6 sprint sets
5 Power Cleans
10 hollow rocks
35 second AD sprint

Rest 2:30

Every 30sec x20 sets
Box Squats 1reps

x3 sets
B1. KB Front Rack Walking Lunge 15m
60-90sec rest
B2. Pause Bench Press 6-8reps 22×1
2-3mins rest

Every 20sec; x12sets
Alt. 1 tough Chin up & Pull up

All Levels
A1. Front Rack Reverse Lunge; 4-6/leg; rest 90sec x 4
A2. Strict Pull Up FLR; 45-60sec hold; rest 90sec x 4

4 Sets for Reps
:45sec – KB SDHP
:15sec – REST
:45sec – Ring Rows
:15sec – REST
:45sec – Candle Stick to Stand
1:15 – REST
rest reps per round

Make Up Day
Blood Flow Day

30min AMRAP @ 60%
2 TGU/arm 53/35
40m Farmers Carry 70/53
Run 300m
30sec Ring FLR
5 Box Jumps 36/20
Airdyne 12/8 Cals


15min Mobility

Allison’s: Make up a workout from earlier this week.

All Levels + Wrench
A. Power Clean; 3,3,3,3,3; rest 2-3mins

B. Strict Bar Dip; 5,4,3,2,1

Open 16.4


A. Deadlift 3, 3, 3, 3

B. EMOM 30 min
1. 6 pullups + 30 DU’s (modify pullups as needed so you can finish in 45 sec)
2. 6 DB thrusters + 20 second plank hold
3. Row 40 seconds

All Levels
A1. Close grip Bench press; 20X1; 6-8reps; rest 60sec x 4
A2. Single Arm KB Row; 20X1; 6-8/arm; rest 60sec x 4
A3. Wall bug x 30-45sec rest 90sec x 4

14min AMRAP – Sustainable pacing
1 TGU/arm
6 Toes To Bar/Rings
12 Calorie Airdyne
24 Double Unders

A. Single Arm Landmine Row; 6-8/arm; rest 90sec x 4
B. Banded Deadlift; @ 55%; 2 reps every 45sec x 8 sets

For Time
15 MU
30 Burpees to Plate
45 Cal Airdyne
60 Box Jump Step Down 24/20″
120 Double Unders

A1. Press from rack 3, 3, 3
A2. 10-15 hollow rocks

B. Do the following 2 times through:

3-min AMRAP
5 DB Push Press
10 sprawls
100 m run
Rest 1 minute

3-min AMRAP
10 DB walking lunge steps
100m run
rest 1 minute

3-min AMRAP
10 DB Single Leg RDL
10 situps
100 m run
rest 1 minute

A1. Top-Down RDL 30X1 6-8 Reps x4 sets 90 sec Rest
A2. Seated DB Press 20X1 6-8 Reps x4 sets 2:00 min rest

B. 5 sets Aerobic pace:
300m Run
8 Power Cleans 85/115
6 burpee over bar
2:00 Min Rest

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