TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of Feb 22nd

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New member, Susan L., crushing it. She’s a triathlete and marathoner working on her strength.


*THE CROSSFIT OPEN STARTS THIS THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25th!  If you want to test your fitness against other CrossFitters around the world or against yourself in past years, be sure to register and sign up for the TJ’s Gym location where you’ve done most of your workouts in 2016. They are listed as CrossFit San Rafael, CrossFit Corte Madera, and CrossFit Mill Valley. Each affiliate will also have a corresponding “team” to join, so be sure to check back later this week to join the TJ’s Gym San Rafael, TJ’s Gym Corte Madera, or TJ’s Gym Mill Valley team, so your scores will count for one of our teams. Let us know if you have any questions about that.

BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF OUR ATHLETES, many of whom are part of our amazing coaching staff, as they attack the Open workouts moving forward. They have been training hard, and we can’t wait to support them through the next few weeks!  GO TJ’s!

*New fleece sweatshirts have arrived! Light grey unisex and charcoal grey women’s. Get yours while they last! And check out the new straight-leg sweatpants, too! You can wear a TJ’s suit and twin with TJ.

*Introducing YOGA with Sunya at TJ’s Gym, starting THIS WEEK! 

Classes will be held in OG3 in San Rafael and are part of your regular TJ’s Membership.

Wednesdays, 6:00am and Fridays 8:30am

Sunya Andrews, who began doing CrossFit at TJ’s San Rafael years ago, is passionate about the “yin” aspect of Yoga and the high-intensity “yang” aspect of CrossFit. With her background in gymnastics, Sunya naturally gravitated to teaching Yoga while getting through college. Sunya studied many different style–from Ashtanga to Bikram to Jivamukti–finally landing on Baptiste power Vinyasa. While a heated, power flow is her foundation, Sunya says that over the years (as a CrossFit athlete and Yoga student) she has “developed a style and flow that is supportive to the warrior athlete in all of us that demands a balance in order to excel.” Sunya is passionate about guiding others to reach their full potential in their body and feels that strength and flexibility can coexist happily!

*Dunk Tank bodyfat testing will be back in San Rafael Sunday, March 13th. Email to reserve your 15-minute appointment.

*”Ask the Doc” seminar with Dr. Drew Ruebbelke. Find out how to prevent injuries and deal with the ailments you have already. Sunday, March 13th in Corte Madera. 11am.

 *Carrie’s high-energy, bootcamp style conditioning classes are a great addition to our functional fitness schedule. Come check out a class in our trial schedule period THIS WEEK:

Wednesday 2/24 8:30 am San Rafael OG3 (in place of Sweatfest)

Saturday 2/27 7:30am San Rafael OG3

Sunday 2/28 8:00am Corte Madera

You don’t need to sign up for these classes in advance. Just come, and if you want to bring non-TJ’s Gym friends, just email ahead of time. Visitors ARE welcome, and if you bring a friend to your first class, you’ll BOTH get the class free!

We had a great response to TJ’s weekly note to the WLC group last week, so we decided to include it every week. This week: “THOSE LYIN’ EYES”

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

Is it too late for you?  I know this is a daunting question and it brings up uncomfortable feelings–fear probably.  In what context am I asking, though?  I’m asking in regards to whether or not you truly believe what I am telling you.  See, I speak to A LOT of people on a weekly basis.  My job is to really get down to the nitty gritty of what someone is asking.  I rarely answer a question directly.  There is a whole bunch of asking by me before I feel confident in giving them a solid answer.  My answer is based off of as much data that applies along with what I consider my well seasoned opinion in regards to health, fitness, wellness and in some regards, life.  I rarely have someone completely disagree with what I have to say.  Most folks might jab back with some smart follow-up questions or concerns, but in some way we come to an agreement.  Except with some.  Some are a little too agreeable, a little too happy to end the conversation.  They got those Lyin’ Eyes.
I use the quote above fairly often, because I work in a field that for the most part deals with science.  Do this, and that happens kind of stuff.  Sometimes I go down the rabbit hole, but for the most part I think I’ve got my talk down pat.  I’ve learned the art of reading people’s reception of what I’m saying.  Speaking to large groups is different from a one-on-one situation, but I feel confident that I can read both rooms well.  The L.E.’s are a particular group that I have found prevalent in the WLC group.  They look you in the eye, verbally agree with what you’re saying, yet don’t believe a word of it.  These are people with whom I have personally had conversations regarding water weight, hormonal changes, activity levels, realistic bodyfat loss time frames, injury prevention protocols etc.  Then, in their reflections, it looks like the conversation I had was a dream.
Me-  I know you want to do extra cardio to lose bodyfat, but the reality is that a solid sleep/stress/nutrition plan is the fastest most effective way to do that, and the extra activity will probably even work against you.
L.E.-  Got it, can you help me with that?
Me-  Absolutely, here is a comprehensive breakdown of macro nutrients, food timing and calorie totals for each and every meal you should be having everyday.  Let’s check in on Wed and see how the sleep and nutrition plans are going.
L.E.- Awesome,  this is exactly what I needed.
1 week later on WLC message board
L.E.-  Not losing weight fast enough even after adding one hour swim to regular workouts every night.  So frustrated!
Can you rip yourself away from the lying fitness dogma of the 70’s and 80’s?  Can you put down Oprah’s book about running off the fat?  Can you not react to the marketing that is aimed right between your eyes to get you to buy that pill, machine, or program?  Or is it too late for you?
Keep it up!


All Levels
A. BS – 20X1; 1.1.1; rest 15sec/rest 2-3mins x 4-5 sets
*during rest perform a 30-45sec Dead hang from pull up bar

3min AMRAP @ 90%
3 PC
6 Push Ups
9 Air Squats
rest 1min x 5

A. Snatch DL + Snatch Pull rest 2mins x 5 sets
B. SA Landmine Press; 2111; 4-6/arm; rest 2mins x 3

EMOM x 10mins
1st – 8-10 HSPU
2nd – 8-10 HPC (135/95)

For Time
Double Unders
*15 cal AD between rounds
Allison’s Program:
A. Take 15 min to build up to a heavy set of 3 touch-and-go power cleans

B. EMOM 27 min
1. 8 Russian Swings (53/70 scale down from there) + 5 burpees
2. Row 40 seconds
3. 8 medball situps + 30 DU’s or 40 singles


All Levels

A1. DL – 5,5,3,3,2; rest 90sec
A2. Single Arm DB Press; 2112; 4-6/arm; rest 90sec x 5
4 Sets @ Hard Effort
12 Burpees
Row 300m
rest walk 2-3mins
90sec Side Star Plank/side

A. PP + SJ – build to a tough complex
EMOM x 10mins
Odd – -10 T2B
Even – 12 BJ 24/20″
3min AMRAP @ 95%
Row 700m
AMRAP S2OH 135/95lbs
Allison’s Program:
A. Back Squat with All Levels

5- minute AMRAP:
20 Army Crawlers
20 Double Unders
Row 150m

Rest 1 minute then:

5- Minute AMRAP
12 Russian KBS
10 hollow rocks
Run 100m

Rest 1 minute then:

5- minute AMRAP
12 Empty bar Thrusters
8 DB Sprawls
Airdyne 8/10 cal

All Levels
A1. DB Walking Lunge 15m; rest 60sec x 5
A2. Wtd Elbow Plank; rest 90sec x 5

EMOM x 18mins
1st – 12-15 BJSD
2nd – 8-10 Toes to Bar
3rd – Row 150/125m

A. OHS; 33X1; 3,2,1,1; rest 2-3mins
7min AMRAP @ 90%
2 Muscle Ups
12 Cal Row

rest as needed

7min AMRAP @ 90%
2 Rope Climbs
8 Wal balls
12 Cal AD

Allison’s program:
3 (instead of 5) sets of All Levels part A
A1. DB Walking Lunge 15m; rest 60sec x 3
A2. Wtd Elbow Plank; rest 90sec x 3

B. 8 sets
5 DB Hang Squat cleans (25/40)
10 T2B
200m run
Rest one minute

All Levels
A. Push Press; build to a tough single

For Time
100m KB Front Rack Carry
40 Pull Ups

3min rest

For Time
300m Run
50 Wall Balls
300m Run

3mins rest

For Time
Airdyne 30/25 Cals
30 HPC
Blood Flow Day

45mins continuous
1min AD Easy
2 TGU/arm Light
1min Row Easy
30sec FLR on Rings
200m Run
8 GHD hip extensions

Allison’s: Rest or makeup day

All Levels/Wrench
A1. Front Squat; 2,2,2,2; rest 90sec
A2. Ring Row; 8-12reps; rest 90sec x 4

Allison’s Program:
A1. Front Squat; 2,2,2,2; rest 90sec
A2. Ring Row; 8-12reps; rest 90sec x 4

8 sets:
10 Pullups
15 situps
200m run
20 Walking Lunge Steps
15 Situps
8 DB Hang Power Clean (25/35)
1 min Airdyne

Rest 1 minute

All Levels
EMOM x 15mins
1st – 30-40sec Ring Plank
2nd – 100m Run
3rd – 12-14 KBS

rest as needed

7min AMRAP @ 90%
4 Burpee Box Jumps
8 Wall Balls
12 Anchored Sit Ups

rest 3mins

7min AMRAP @ 90%
Airdyne/Row 10 Cals
20m Walking Lunge
30 Double Unders
A1. Front Rack Reverse Lunge; 3-4/leg; rest 60sec between legs x 4
A2. Ring Row; AMRAP unbroken; rest 90sec x 4

rest as needed

EMOM x 20mins
1st – 2 MU
2nd – Row 10/8 Cals
3rd – 8 HSPU
4th – 30-50 Double Unders

rest as needed

Row 500m @ 75%
rest walk 60sec x 4 Sets

A. 3 Deadlifts + Power Clean work up to a challenging set in 15 minutes

B. 6 sets super high intensity:
4 Renegade Rows (moderate to heavy)
6 burpees As fast as possible
35 seconds AD or Row Sprint
Rest 2-3 minutes

C. 8-min jog or row cool down

A. Close Grip Bench Press 20X1 3 Reps x5 sets 3-5 min rest (Increase weight from last week)

B. 4 sets at a consistent pace:
500m Row
20 KBS 53/35
10 Burpees
Rest 1:1

C. Cool Down 5-10 min AD. Mobilize shoulders


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