Workouts for Week of February 15th


Introducing YOGA with Sunya at TJ’s Gym! 

Classes will be held in OG3 in San Rafael and are part of your regular TJ’s membership:

Starts week of FEBRUARY 22nd!

Wednesdays, 6:00am

Fridays 8:30am

Sunya Andrews, who began doing CrossFit at TJ’s San Rafael years ago, is passionate about the “yin” aspect of Yoga and the high-intensity “yang” aspect of CrossFit. With her background in gymnastics, Sunya naturally gravitated to teaching Yoga while getting through college. Sunya studied many different style–from Ashtanga to Bikram to Jivamukti–finally landing on Baptiste power Vinyasa. While a heated, power flow is her foundation, Sunya says that over the years (as a CrossFit athlete and Yoga student) she has “developed a style and flow that is supportive to the warrior athlete in all of us that demands a balance in order to excel.” Sunya is passionate about guiding others to reach their full potential in their body and feels that strength and flexibility can coexist happily!
Some thoughts on Yoga and CrossFit from Sunya:
*Yoga improves range of motion and general mobility.
*Yoga greatly improves your balance. 
*Yoga focuses on proper alignment. Much like CrossFit, many of the poses focus on that same braced neutral spine position and the concept of always working from core to extremity.
*In Yoga, we practice breathing more efficiently. When we breathe more efficiently we are able to tap into our parasympathetic nervous system. This will elicit a calm, less anxious approach to our workouts and our life in general. Yoga also reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol! 
*Dunk Tank bodyfat testing will be back in San Rafael Sunday, March 13th. Email to reserve your 15-minute appointment.
*”Ask the Doc” seminar with Dr. Drew Ruebbelke. Find out how to prevent injuries and deal with the ailments you have already. Sunday, March 13th in Corte Madera. 11am.
*Carrie’s high-energy, bootcamp style conditioning classes are a great addition to our functional fitness schedule. Come check out a class in our trial schedule period:


Wednesday 2/24 8:30 am San Rafael OG3 (in place of Sweatfest)

Saturday 2/27 7:30am San Rafael OG3

Sunday 2/28 8:00am Corte Madera

You don’t need to sign up for these classes in advance. Just come, and if you want to bring non-TJ’s Gym friends, just email ahead of time. Visitors ARE welcome, and if you bring a friend to your first class, you’ll BOTH get the class free!

Here is TJ’s weekly letter to the Whole Life Challenge Group.


Just to be clear, I am writing this email while heavily under the influence of Percocet.  I had knee surgery on Tuesday and have spent the last hour going back through five days of reflections that I missed.  I learned a few things about myself and our group that I think applies to this weeks WLC message.

A few days before surgery I was off my game.  Not the WLC game but my personal game.  Typically glass half full and fairly open with my feelings, I became surly and closed off.  Psych 101 tells me that I was obviously worried about the surgery but kept playing it off like it was no big deal.  Taking Uber to the surgery center I was a jamble of nerves.  Filled out the forms, met my nurse and put on my “gown.”  Once we started getting into the process, I started to relax.  “Great vitals,” “nice veins,” “rare we get someone not on any current medications.”  The nurses and anesthesiologist seemed very pleased with my surgery related stuff.  Now, I’m not trying to pump up how awesome I am in the world, because I know I’m not.  But as far as being a surgery-center all-star, I was the belle of the ball.  All of this made me feel a ton better.

When I had originally asked about the surgery, my doctor told me I was a candidate because I was “strong” enough.  When I asked about the physical therapy after recovery, he told me “just keep doing what you’re doing.”

My reflection on this episode has made me realize that all of this stuff that the medical team was excited about was because of a lot of consistency.  Eat right most of the time for a long time.  Workout most of the time for a long time.  Sleep a ton.  Reduce stress.  Work hard at all of these things.  For a long time.  I have used an analogy when it comes to this challenge.  Arm Wrestling.  We’ve got a guy named Mike who took up competitive arm wrestling in the last year.  He did it because not only is he really good at it (wrestling dudes in bars), but he is also really into the sport and culture of it (add joke here, he’s heard them all).  This has gotten me into watching a lot of arm wrestling.  There is one word to describe it: Grind.  Some of these matches go on for minutes.  During those minutes there are bouts of high intensity and bouts of recovery, but never are you relaxed or gliding along.  You’re working, intelligently, the whole time.  Mike describes how his plan evolves as the match goes on.  Sometimes he is working hard early, sometimes late.  Sometimes he’s just trying to wear out the other guy, other times is sticking with the original plan.  Whatever happens though, he never quits.  He never throws it in.  Why?  Because even if you can’t win, you can learn.  By looking at tasks as an arm wrestling match, you have to know that you’re always grinding.  There is no option, and there is no quitting.  

There might not be a clear reason for what you’re doing.  It’s hard, and it’s a struggle sometimes.  But eventually someone might tell you that you have great veins and in that moment, it’s the best thing you could possibly hear.

Keep it up, 


Tuesday, 2/16

All Levels
A. BS – 20X1; 1.1; rest 10sec/rest 2-3mins x 5 sets

4 Sets @ 95%
40sec – Wall Balls
10sec Transition
40sec – Pull Ups
10sec Transition
40sec – Airdyne
2:40 – Rest

rest as needed

3 Sets @ 97%
Row Sprint 30sec
rest walk 2:30

A. Hang Snatch – build to a tough single in 10mins
5min AMRAP – Rope Climbs
3 Rounds For Time
20 Cal Airdyne
10 Back Squats 185/125
Allison’s Program:

5- minute AMRAP:
8 Toes to Bar
5 pushups
Row 150m

Rest 1 minute then:

5- Minute AMRAP
8 wallballs
10 hollow rocks
Run 100m

Rest 1 minute then:

5- minute AMRAP
8 Single arm DB snachtes
8 DB Hang Power clean and jerks (25#/40# Rx scale go down from there)
Airdyne 8/10 cal

Rest 3 minutes and repeat from the top.

Wednesday, 2/17

All Levels
EMOM x 12mins
Odd – Seated DB Press 2112; 6-8reps
Even – Elbow Plank 30-40sec (wtd on back for added challenge)

rest as needed

4mins AMRAP @ 90%
6 Cal Row
6 T2B
6 DB Push Press

rest 1min

4mins AMRAP @ 90%
5 Power Cleans 115/75
5 Burpees

rest 3mins x 2

A. 3 PP + 1 SJ – 5 sets; rest 2-3mins
2min AMRAP
20 KBS 70/53
20 Burpees

rest 8mins

2min AMRAP
20 PC 95/65
Max cals Airdyne in time remaining

rest 8mins

2min AMRAP
20 S2OH 95/65
Max Meters on Row in time remaining
Allison’s program:
A1. Front Squat 3, 3, 3, 3, 3
Rest 20 sec
A2. Strict pull-up 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 (with weights if you can)
Rest 2 min

B. 6 sets
5 Hang Squat cleans (45/65)
10 pull-ups
200m run
Rest one minute

Thursday, 2/18

All Levels
A. BS – Every 20sec x 15 sets – 1 reps @ 60-70%

4 Sets @ High Effort
5 Tough Thrusters from Rack
Row 250m
20 Anchored Sit Ups
Run 200m
rest walk 2mins

REST or Make up a day earlier this week

Friday, 2/19

All Levels
A1. Hang Power Snatch; 5,5,5,5 rest 60sec x 4
A2. Close Grip Bench Press; 20X1; 4-7reps; rest 2mins x 4
3 Rounds for Time
10 Deadflits
15 Cal Airdyne
15 KBS
15 Burpee Box Jumps
A. Front Squat; build to a tough double
18min AMRAP
100 Wall balls 20/14 10/9′
80 KBS 70/53
60 Push Press 95/65
40 BJ 24/20″
20 C2B
Allison’s Program:

8 sets:
15 DB thrusters
15 situps
200m run
50 DU’s or 75 singles
15 sprawls
10 KB swings
1 min Airdyne

Rest 1 minute

Saturday, 2/20

All Levels
A1. L-Sit – 30sec; rest 90sec x 4
A2. TGU x 3/arm – slow controlled; rest 90sec x 4
EMOM x 24mins
1st – Row 8-12 Cals
2nd – 8-10 Toes to Bar
3rd – Run 100m
4th – 5 Man Makers

A. Banded Deadlift; 55%; 3 reps every 60sec x 8 sets

rest as needed

1min AMRAP – T2B
1min AMRAP – Alternating Pistols
rest 3mins x 3

rest as needed

Row 500m @ 95%
rest walk 5mins x 2-3 sets


A. Hang Power Clean + Power Clean work up to a challenging set in 15 minutes

B. 6 sets super high intensity:
4 Power Cleans (moderate to heavy)
6 burpees As fast as possible
35 seconds AD or Row Sprint
Rest 2-3 minutes

C. 8-min jog or row cool down

Sunday, 2/21

A. Close Grip Bench Press 20X1 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 x5 sets 3-5 min rest (Increase weight from last week)
B. Jackie
1K Row
40 Thrusters 45lb
30 Pull Ups

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