TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of Dec. 14th



Congratulations to our Athletes of the Year!  Jake Peterson, Whitney Ball, and Marla Murphy from San Rafael.  Ed Alvarado and Christine Leppones from Corte Madera.  Catherine Argumedo and Josh Larson (not pictured) from Mill Valley.  Couldn’t do it without these folks. 

HUGE thanks to Jessica for her help with holiday party prep and to Coach Jaime for putting together that amazing bar, complete with hot toddies and cold beverages. Another fabulous TJ’s Holiday Party is in the books, and we thank you both for helping make it that much better!

*Keep your eyes out for new TJ’s apparel, being delivered to the gyms this week and then another batch soon. This week we have new men’s and women’s tees (new style, new logo), and super comfy sweats. Get ’em while they’re hot and in time for Christmas!

*Don’t forget to order your delicious Power Supply meals, to be delivered to TJ’s San Rafael on Mondays and Thursdays by 5am. Orders are due each Thursday at midnight for the following week. Go here to find out more:

*Whole Life Challenge #2 is coming Jan 16th. Get yourself together after the holiday madness! Email to find out more.

*Christmas and New Years Schedules coming soon by blog, social media, and text. One thing’s for sure: no classes at any gyms on Dec 25 and Jan 1!

Mon Dec 14

All Levels
A1. KB Front Rack Walking Lunge; 10-12m; rest 60sec x 4
A2. Strict Pull Up; 31X0; 3-5reps; rest 60sec x 4
EMOM x 8mins –
Odd – 9 Renegade Rows Tough
Even – L-Hang 30sec
Every 4mins x 4 Sets – Complete the Following
Row 350m
18 Squat Jumps
12 Toes to Bar Kipping
*scale reps and distance to achieve all sets under 3mins
A. Snatch – 1 rep @ 80% every 60sec x 8 sets
B. PC + 2 Split Jerk; every 90sec x 5 @ 75%
5 Sets
4 Strict HSPU
6 T2B
8 Burpees
10 C2B
rest 20sec
12 Cal AD
10 HR Push Ups
8 BJSD 24/20
rest 60sec
For Time @ 97%
Row 300m


A1. OHS 3, 3, 3, 3
Rest 20 seconds
A2. 15 hollow rocks
Rest 90 seconds

B. EMOM 30 minutes

1st: 10 pullups + 20 DU’s or 50 singles (if jumping pull-ups, do 15)
2nd: 6 wallballs + 6 medball situps
3rd: Row 40 Seconds
Tues Dec 15

All Levels
A. Every 45sec x 10 sets – 2 TnG Push Press (build)

4 DL
2 Push Jerk
x 2 Sets
rest 90sec x 5

For Time
Burpee Box Jump (or step up)
*Run 100m Between rounds
A. FS – 20X1; 1.1.1; rest 10sec w/ bar in front rack; 4 sets; rest 2-3mins

Every 45sec x 10 sets – 3 TnG Hang Squat Cleans

3 Sets @ 90% aerobic pacing – tough effort
Row 15 Cals
12 Alt Pistols
9 Renegade Rows
rest 2mins

A. 8 min EMOM
HPC + PC–increase weight over the 8 min

B. 6 sprint sets
3 Moderately heavy Power Cleans (more than last week)
6 burpees as fast as possible
35 second AD sprint
Rest 3 minutes

Row or jog 8-10 min cool down
Wed Dec 16

All Levels
A1. 1-1/4 CGBP; 6-8reps; rest 60sec x 4
A2. Side Star Plank; 30sec/side; rest 2mins x 4 (advanced put hand on ring)
18min AMRAP
10 Pull Ups
15 Cal Row
35 Double Unders

A. Power Clean TnG; 2.2; rest 20sec/rest 2mins x 4

3 Rounds for Time
15 KBS 70l/53 Muscle Snatch 115/70lbs
10 DB Bench Press 65/40

rest 5mins

3 Rounds for Time
15 S2OH (115/75 + add 5-10lbs/round)
21 Cal Airdyne

rest 5mins

8min AMRAP
Row 1500m/1200m
AMRAP Rope CLimbs in time remaining


All Start From an empty Bar

A. Build to a Tough Back Squat in 15mins

B. Build to a Tough Deadlift in 15min

C. Build to a Tough Bench Press15min

A1. Back Squat 3, 3, 3, 3, 3
Rest 20 Seconds
A2. Pullups 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 (do weighted if you can)
Rest 90 seconds

B. 8 sets
10 toes to bar
10 barbell Thrusters (35/55)
Run 200m
Rest 90 Seconds
Thurs Dec 17

All Levels
Partner work rest – 8 sets each
Row 15/12 Calories
20m Bear Crawl
4 Sprawls
rest while partner works


EMOM x 16mins
1st – Run 100m
2nd – 15 KBS
3rd – 20m Walking Lunges
4th – 45sec Front Bridge

Acitve Recovery Day

Airdyen 30-40 Cals Moderate
30sec FLR on Rings
20sec HS Hold
1 TGU/arm tough
x 5-8 Sets

Fri Dec 18

All Levels
A1. Front Foot Elevated Split Suqat; 20X1; 6-8/leg; rest 60sec x 4
A2. AMRAP Stirct pull Up in 45sec; rest 90sec x 4

10 Rounds for Time
5 No Push Up Burpees
6 HR Push Ups (clap push up for advanced)
7 Anchored Sit Ups
8 Air Squats (wall ball for advanced)

A. OHS – AMRAP unbroken @ .75 BW – 1 attempt
B1. DB Split Squat (rear foot elevated and Front foot elevated) 31X1; 5,5,5; rest 60sec
B2. Legless Rope climb; 2,2,2; rest 2mins
9min AMRAP
Row 50/40 Cal buy In
Hang Snatch 75/45

A1. Deadlift 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 (go up in weight as you go)
A2. 15 hollow rocks
rest 90 sec-2min

B. 6 rounds for time:
10 sprawls
10 Russian Swings
10 candlesticks to standing
400 m run or row
Sat Dec 19

All Levels
A1. Sumo Deadflit 3131; 5,5,5,5; rest 60sec (moderate weights perfect form and tempo)
A2. 45-60sec FLR; rest 2mins x 4
AMRAP @ 85%
1min – 7 Russian KBS + 7 DB Push Press
1min – Double Unders
1min – Row 100m + AMRAP Step Ups in time remaining
rest 2mins x 4 Sets

rest as needed

AD Sprint 20-25sec @ 97%
rest walk 2mins x 3
A. Deadlift TnG 3reps every 2mins x 6 sets

4min – Row Cals (Airdyn second set)
3min – HPC 13595
2min – Double Unders
1min – Burpee Box Jump Over 24/20″
rest 5mins x 2

Allison’s Program:

Do the following three times through

3 min AMRAP:
5 pushups
10 alternating DB snatches
150 m row
rest 1 min

3 min AMRAP
5 ring rows or 5 DB rows
10 box step up and down
200m run

Rest 1 min

3 min AMRAP
5 DB Hang clean and jerk
20 mountain climbers
40 DU’s or 60 singles

rest 1 min
Sun Dec 20


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