TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of Aug 10th

IMG_8194TJ’s Gym To-Go! It’s like takeout for dinner, only  better!

We have quite a few different opportunities for clients to train with us and one that that marked the foundation of my own personal training career is bringing the training to you.  Above is a group of pictures that Coach Jaime took while training a couple on vacation in Stinson Beach.  If you or someone you know might enjoy this service, please contact

THE TJ’s RODEO will be here before you know it!  Keep your eye on the prize and start focusing your efforts and training. Grab a coach, create a plan, and reach your goal! The Rodeo will be in October or November (date still TBD), so have at it! And if you don’t know what the Rodeo is, just ask a coach. It’s awesome!

Juggling for Jude has now raised more than $50,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, combining last summer’s total with this year’s so far. Truth is, she is a bit behind on her goal of $40,000 for this summer, alone. She’s quite aware and is working harder than ever to juggle her soccer ball and spread the word. Thanks to everyone who has generously donated so far!  And if you haven’t but plan to, now is as good a time as any!

This beautiful (and quick!) video created by the San Jose Earthquakes Major League Soccer team just might inspire you to contribute. Remember, every dollar counts and makes a difference in the lives of kids at St. Jude. Plus, research there is leading to cancer cures as we type, so don’t delay! Please donate here.

Mon Aug 10

All Levels

A. Deadflit; EMOM x 10mins – 3 reps @ 65% focus today on learning how to build good tension on first rep (work set up)

+ 5 Sets :30 – HPC 95/65 :10 – rest :30 – Box Jump Step Down (or step ups w/ light DB’s) :10 – rest :30 – Airdyne Cals 2:40 – REST


A. Back Squat w/ Chains 20X1; 1.1.1 x 4; rest 3-4mins between sets

EMOM x 10mins Odd – 8 Thrusters 115/75 Even – 2 Rope Climbs

3 Sets @ 97% 8 TnG Power Cleans (add per set) rest 15sec

12 Burpee Over Barbell rest 15sec

15/12 Cal Airdyne rest walk 3mins

Allison’s Program:
A. 2 position power clean (high hang, floor). Do 2 reps of this 2x per set (total of 4 lifts) for 5 sets. Build in weight as you go.

B. EMOM 27 minutes (9 rounds)
1. 10-12 toes to bar
2. 10 heavy Russian Swings plus 20 DU’s or 40 singles
3. 35 second airdyne sprint

Tues Aug 11

All Levels
A1. Ring Row 2020; 8-12 reps; rest 45sec x 5
A2. Ring Dip; 20X1; 6-8 reps (Scale to Bar Dip or Static Ring Hods for time); rest 45sec x 5
A3. 40m Farmers Carry Heavy; rest 45sec x 5

4 Sets @ 97%
5 Burpees
Airdyne Sprint 15sec
rest 3:00

A. Split Jerk – build to a max for the day
4 Sets @ Consistent Effort
3 Muscle Ups
50 Double Unders
rest 30sec
15 Cal Row
rest 2mins

Allison’s Program:
A1. Front Squat: 3,3,3,2,2
rest 20 seconds
A2. AMRAP Ring Rows (create a body position/level of challenge so that you are getting in the range of 10-12 each time. Make sure you’re getting full range of motion and stop when you can’t any more)
Rest 90 seconds

B. 8 sets:
run 200
8 barbell thrusters (65/95)
8 pullups (jumping or unassisted but no bands)
rest 90 seconds

Wed Aug 12

All Levels
A. Push Press – buld to a Heavy Single (work close to max here)
*then take 85% of this weight and perfrom an AMRAP unbroken; rest as needed x 2

20min AMRAP – Teams of 2
400m Partner Run
25 DB Burpee Box Step Over (partner must hold KB in front rack while reps are being done)
50 Front Squats (135/95) (partner must be in dead hang form pull up bar while reps are being done)
75 Sit Ups (partner must be in a push up plank position while reps are being done)
*partners can switch at any time, must wait for partner to be in holding position before reps can start counting

A. Snatch – build to a togh single
For Time @ 97%
Row 50/40 Cals
50 Wall Balls (20/14 – 10’/9′)
2k Row Cool Down

Allison’s Program:
Warm up deadlifts. Then:
A. EMOM 10 minutes deadlift 3 reps plus 6 strict pushups (modify pushups on raised bar instead of toes)

B. 5 rounds for time:
10 burpees
10 Box step up and down
12/15 calorie row

C. 5 sets of 10 hollow rocks unbroken. Rest as needed.

Thursday Aug 13

All Levels
A. Pause Front Squat (3sec at bottom of each rep); 2,2,2,2,2; Rest 2mins

EMOM x 10mins
4 OHS + 4 Pull Ups (challenge yourself with either a kipping pull up or strict pull up – load accordingly)

Row 30sec for Max Cals
rest as needed x 3-4 sets
Wrench –
Aerobic Breathing Work

10 Sets
Airdyne 1min
10 Alt Step Ups
40 Single Unders
10 Abmat Sit Ups
Run 200m
rest 60sec

Friday Aug 14

All Levels
5 Sets
A1. Deadflits; 6-8 reps tough; rest 30sec
A2. Burpees; 30sec AMRAP; rest 30sec
A3. 12-15 Russian KBS; rest 30sec
A4. Run 200m; rest 2-3mins

Finisher – side plank x 2mins per side – accumulate time

A. Banded Deadlfit; 6,6,6,6; rest 3mins
3 Sets @ 90%
10 Power Clean and Jerk TnG 95/65
10 Burpees
Run 800m
rest walk 5mins

Allison’s Program:

Push Press 5 reps heavy then do:
AMRAP 3 minutes:
10 wall balls
10 wall ball situps
30 Double unders/ 50 Singles

Rest 2 minutes:

Push Press 5 reps heavy then do:
AMRAP 3 minutes:
10 DB single arm alternating snatches
10 BB hang power cleans (65/95)
Run 100

Rest 2 minutes

Push Press 5 reps heavy then do:
AMRAP 3 minutes:
10 wall balls
10 wall ball situps
30 Double unders/ 50 Singles

Push Press 5 reps heavy then do:
AMRAP 3 minutes:
10 DB single arm alternating snatches
10 BB hang power cleans (65/95)
Run 100

Sat Aug 15

All Levels
A. Squat Clean + Front Squat + Jerk – 15mins to work this complex up to something tough

12min AMRAP
10 Front Squats 95/65
10 Calorie Row/AD
10 Dips

A. Front Squat; w/ chains (2 reps @ 60%) speed reps fast; ever 45sec x 10 sets

10min AMRAP @ 85%
21/16 Cals
15 Thrusters 55/45
12 C2B

3min Rest

10min AMRAP @ 85%
18/15 Airdyne Cals
12 KB SDHP 780/53
50m KB Overhead Carry 44/26/hand

3min Rest

10min AMRAP @ 85%
12 GHD Sit Ups
4 Bar Muscle Ups
300m Run

5 sets at high intensity:

45 seconds hang power snatch (45/65)
rest 15 seconds
45 seconds reverse burpees/candlestick to standing position (assist with hands if needed)
rest 15 seconds
45 seconds row for calories
rest 15 seconds
45 seconds jumping pullups
rest 15 seconds
45 seconds sprawls

Rest 2 minutes in between sets.

Finisher: Run or row 10 minutes at easy pace

Sun Aug 15

A. Front Squat @ 21X1 3, 3, 3, 3 reps
Rest 2 min btw sets

B. Power Clean + Push Jerk 3 reps EMOM x 8, building

C. 4 sets @ hard pace:
5 Hang Power Clean + 5 Front Squats 135 / 95
25 sec Row
Rest 2 min


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