TJ’s Gym Workouts for the Week of May 11

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*OUR NEW WEBSITE IS UP! We will post this blog on the site every Sunday night, so you should be able to see it at  We welcome any feedback you might have on our new site! And yes, new coach photos are in the works!

*Free Bring-a-Friend Workouts with TJ coming in June! 
TJ will lead group workouts for current TJ’s members and friends.  Grab an extra class at no charge for yourself, and introduce a friend to what jazzes you about TJ’s Gyms!
Saturday, June 6th 9:30am TJ’s San Rafael

Saturday, June 20th 9:00am TJ’s Corte Madera

Please have your friends RSVP to to reserve a spot.

Mill Valley Bring-a-Friend workout TBD. Stay tuned!

*Check out the Gladiator Rock’n Run San Jose: Saturday, June 13th, 2015.

Dan Clark (aka Nitro from American Gladiator and NorCal Masters 2015 athlete) runs this cool fitness event benefiting TACA (Talking about Curing Autism).  According to Dan, the event is a 5k run with 17-20 obstacles.  It’s doable by athletes of all sizes and shapes–fun for the beginner and still has something for the elites.  Check out a video Dan sent from the event:

Email if you want a free entry code–first 4 TJ’s Gym members interested will get in free!

Mon May 11

All Levels
Aerobic Warm Up -70-85% (add some pace with every couple sets)
30sec Row
rest 30sec
30sec AD
rest 30sec
x 8 sets

3 Rounds for Time
400m Run
21 KBS 53/35
12 Pull Ups

A. Pause Back Squat; 22X1; 3,3,3,3; rest 2-3mins (back off loads this week and focus on position)
B. DB SL RDL; 30X1; 6reps/leg; rest 60sec between legs x 3
C. Every 45sec – PC + HPC (below knee – pause 2sec); x8 sets
D. AD 25sec @ 97%; rest walk 3:35 x 4 sets
Allison’s Program:
A. Power clean from the floor. 3, 3, 3, 3, 3. Take about 15 minutes to build up to a tough triple.

B. EMOM 27 minutes (9 rounds)
1. 10-12 toes to bar
2. 10 heavy Russian Swings plus 20 DU’s or 40 singles
3. 35 second airdyne sprint

Out of Town

EMOM 27 minutes (9 rounds)
1. 10-12 toes to bar
2. 10 Sprawls 20 DU’s or 40 singles
3. 35 second Mt Climbers

Tues May 12

All Levels
A. Build to a 3RM in the Front Squat

20min AMRAP
10 Renegade Rows 35/25
14 Wall Balls 20/14
18 Sit Ups

A. BTN PP + BTN SJ + SJ; 5 sets building sets; rest 2mins (use blocks ideally – drop bar after each rep)

5 Rounds for Time
10 Strict Pull Ups
10 Strict Ring Dips
3 Rope Climbs

Allison’s Program:
A1. Front Squat: 3, 3, 3, 3, 3
rest 20 seconds
A2. 8-10 Ring Rows (create a body position/level of challenge so that you can get 8-10 each time and the last two are super challenging)
Rest 90 seconds

B. 8 sets:
run 200
8 DB thrusters (25/40)
10 burpees
rest 90 seconds

Out of Town

run 200
8 Jumping Squats
10 burpees
rest 90 seconds

Wed May 13

All Levels
For Time @ 100%
Row Cals

rest as needed

For Time @ 100%
Airdyne Cals
Box Jump Step Down 24/20

rest as needed

10-8-6-4-2 @ 100%
Push Press 135/95
Run 100m Between Sets
A. 3 Hang Squat Clean TnG; Every 90sec (start moderate and build for 5 sets)
*keep it fast and with good mechanics, nothing heavy
For Time @ 97%
Airdyne Cals

rest 10mins

For Time
Row 1k
15 Thrusters 135/95
30 Box Jump Step Down 30/24
45 Wall Balls
Run 800m
Allison’s Program:
A1. Deadlift 5,5,3,3,3
rest 20 seconds
A2. 10-15 hollow rocks
rest 90 seconds

B. 5 rounds for time:
10 pullups (kipping or jumping)
12 Box step up and down
15/20 calorie row


4 sets
A1. Fat Grip Deadlift 3-5 reps Tough + Amrap Strict Chin Ups
45sec rest
A2. KB Front Squats 8-12 21×0
2-3mins rest
3 sets
B1. Alt. DB Bicep Curls 12-20reps
15-30sec rest
B2. Diamond Push Ups Wtd. 6-10reps
60-90sec rest
*BTW This Strength cycle, emphasis is being placed on pulling & grip strength.

Out of Town

5 rounds for time:
10 pullups (kipping or jumping)
12 Box step up and down
20 Situps

Thurs May 14

All Levels
A. Seated DB Semi Supinated Press 30X1 Temp – find your 6RM
B. Single Arm DB Push Press – find your 15RM on each arm
Walking Lunges (2 is 1)
Ring Rows

Wrench –
NOT FOR TIME – @ 70%

Row 500m

45sec FLR on Rings

Airdyne 20 Cals

20-30sec Ring Dip Support

Jog 300m

30 Double Unders

x 5-6 Sets

Allison’s Program: Rest or make-up day

Out of Town

50,40,30,20,10 reps of:

Walking lunge Steps

Double Unders

Fri May 15

All Levels
A. 7 DL + 5 HPC + 3 Jerks – find you max in this complex

EMOM x 15
1st – 15 KBS Tough
2nd – 100m Run
3rd – 45sec Army Crawlers

3min MAX Calories Aridyne

A. Good Morning – 2010; 10,10,10; rest 2mins
B. RFESS; 30X0; 6reps/leg; rest 60sec betweeen legs x 3 sets
C. DB Prone Row; 20X2; 8-10reps; rest 2mins x 3
Every 45sec – PS + HSS (below knee – pause 2sec); x8 sets
10 Burpees AFAP
Row 15 Cals
rest walk full recovery x 3 sets

Allison’s Program: (adding 2 AMRAPS this week!)

3 Press plus 3 Push Press (heavy) then do:
AMRAP 3 minutes:
10 Goblet squats (holding KB)
10 sprawls
30 Double unders/50 Singles

Rest 2 minutes:

3 Press plus 3 Push Press (heavy) then do:
AMRAP 3 minutes:
10 KB Swings
10 Candlestick to standing (or reverse burpees)
Run 100

Rest 2 minutes

3 Press plus 3 Push Press (heavy) then do:
AMRAP 3 minutes:
10 Single arm alternating DB Snatch
6 pushups
6/8 Cals on Airdyne or Row or run 100m again

Rest 2 Minutes
Go back through the 3 AMRAPS one more time with 2 min rest in between
(total of 6 AMRAPs today)

Out of Town

EMOM x 15
1st – 12 Box Jumps
2nd – 100m Run
3rd – 45sec Army Crawlers

Sat May 16

All Levels
For Time
Row 1k
50 Thrusters 45/35
30 Pull Ups

rest as needed

For Time
Airdyne 60 Cals
30 Box Jump Step Down
30 Renegade Rows (35/25)

A. Incline Bench Press (shouler width grip); 1.1.1; rest 20sec/rest 3mins x 4 sets (90%+ of tough single)

For Time
KBS 70/53
Ring Push Up

rest as needed

Box Jump Step Down 24/20
Pull Up

rest as needed

10min AMRAP Double Unders

Allison’s Program:

4 sets (Fight Gone Bad Style but with 3 min rest between rounds):

1 minute power clean–moderate weight
1 minute burpees
1 minute jumping pullups
1 minute med ball situps (medball touches floor behind you and floor in between your feet in front)
1 minute row for calories

Rest 3 minutes in between sets.

Finisher: Run or row 10 minutes at easy pace

Sun May 17

A1.1 1/4 Back Squat, 4 reps per leg; rest 30 sec x 4 sets
A2. With DBs: 3 Press + 3 Push Press + 3 Push Jerk; rest 60 sec x 4 sets; build

B. EMOM x 10: 1 BB Cluster; start medium and build to a heavy single

C. 4 sets for time:
6 Burpee Box Jumps
8 DB Power Clean + Push Jerk
30 DU

Allison’s Program:
Rest or makeup day

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