TJ’s Gym WOD for Monday April 21st

We have a new soccer juggling record in the family. Dusting off her shoes after a long Winter break, Hollis pulled this off the other day.  Perhaps you can find inspiration here to get back at your routine, even if you’ve let it slip a bit.  122 is no joke–check it out here!


On that note, with the weather getting nicer and nicer, there is a solid group gathering every Tuesday at Hall Middle School for our OUTFit class at 9:30.  Same great programming, same amazing coaching, same incredible community with the blue sky as the ceiling and Tam in the background.  Make it happen!

If you’re over 40 and are interested in optimizing your health, wellness, and performance for the long haul, come to our TJ’s Gym Events Master Class 2014.  Saturday, May 3rd 8-5:30pm at the San Rafael gym. 10% off registration fee for all TJ’s members–email to get your discount!  Learn from some great people with presentations and coaching all geared towards masters athletes!

Don’t forget our two FREE seminars coming Sunday, April 27th to TJ’s Mill Valley. 4-5pm Marcus will discuss the Wrench programming.  5-6pm TJ will discuss Restorative Practices and how to take care of yourself outside of your workouts.

Finally, read the latest from Psychologywod here to learn about the psychological importance of trying new things.  Being a novice has many benefits!

All Levels

A. DB Loaded Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat; 30X1; build to a max set of 6 on each leg
*in between sets perform strict sets of 3-5 pull ups (no bands – either cybex machine or partner assisting)


10 Rounds for time
3 Renegade Rows
7 Wall Balls
*every 3mins run 100m
*begin with 100m Run


12 Rounds for time
3 Renegade Rows
7 Wall Balls

10 Jumping Pullups
*every 5 mins run 100m
*begin with 100m Run

Out of Town

10 Rounds for time
5 Clapping Pushups
7 Jumping Squats
*every 3mins run 100m
*begin with 100m Run



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