Get your Sweatshirt Ordered! Estancia’s new products, TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. Dec 16th & Tues. Dec 17th

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3 Booze runs?  Check.  Late night wrestling?  Check.  A couple of visits from our friendly Five Oh?  Check.  Another successful holiday party.

Sweatshirt Order!  Get those orders in to or on the dboard.

We wanted to send you a quick note about the re-launch of Estanica’s new grass-fed beef and wild Alaskan salmon delivery program now available to all our athletes. The Estancia Primals Program is an easy online ordering platform to order 100% free range grass-fed beef and wild Alaskan salmon at a discount to retail. Orders are placed online and are delivered right to chest freezers here at both the San Rafael and Mill Valley gyms. Here’s the gist:

  • NEW easy online ordering platform (
  • Fixed-weight fixed-price product packs (NY Pack, Ribeye Pack, Ground Beef Pack, Wild Alaskan Salmon).
  • Great pricing!

Deliveries once a month right to the box!
Specify which drop spot (TJs Gym SR or TJs Gym MV) you would like associated with your account when you sign up.
If you’d like to check it out or place an order, go to the link above, register and select “TJs Gym San Rafael” or “TJs Gym Mill Valley” from the drop-down list, and then you’re all set. NOTE: Even if you are a returning athlete, you must re-register on the new platform. The next round of orders will close Monday January 6 for delivery Friday January 10, 2014. If you have any questions about the program, you can ping me at, or contact Andrew at Estancia directly at

Mon. Dec 16th


All Levels
A. RDL; 3 sets; 4021; 5reps; rest as needed (light weight – stretch the posterior chain out)
B. Front Squat; 5-4-3-2; rest 2-3mins

EMOM x 12 – couplet
2-4 Burpees
7-10 Wall Balls
*both on same minute

Finisher – 200m Single Arm Farmers Carry (switch arms every 50m)
A. RDL; 4021; 4-4-4; rest as needed
B. Hang Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Front Squat; rest 2mins; 5 sets

EMOM x 12
Odd – 2 PC + 2 Squat Clean (moderate)
Even – 8-10 C2B


30 Calories on the Airdyne/400m Run

21 DB Hang Squat Cleans 45/30

30 Calories on AD/400m Run

21 DB Thrusters

30 Calories/400m Run

21 DB Deadlifts

30 Calories/400m Run

21 DB Push Press

30 Cals/400m Run

You must alternate AD and Run.  If you can’t run, row 500m

Mobility WOD 

Tues. Dec 17th


All Levels
A1. Press; 8-8-8; rest 30sec
A2. DB Bench Press 12-15reps (as heavy as you can); rest 30sec; 3 sets
A3. Goblet Step Ups; 16 steps alternating (24/20″); rest 90sec; 3 sets

3 Rounds for Reps/Cals
:60 – Russian KBS (70/53)
:15 – rest
:60 – AMRAP 5 Push Ups 6 Jump Lunges
:15 – Rest
:60 – Row or AD
1:30 – Rest

A. Close Grip Bench Press; Build to a 1RM
For Time
KBS 70/53
Ring Dip
4 Sets
Run 400m @ 90%
rest same as work
*score is average of 4 sets

Out of Town WOD

4 sets

400m Run

25m Bear Crawl

Rest 90 seconds

Mobility WOD 

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 5.50.14 PM


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