TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. Dec 13th, Sat. Dec 14th, and Sun. Dec 15th

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Things are looking up in CM!
**HOLIDAY PARTY PREPARATION WILL BE IN FULL SWING TOMORROW!!!! OG WILL BE DRESSED AND READY FOR THE 6:30pm SATURDAY NIGHT FESTIVITIES.  Linda’s been going low-carb all week, Terra has a “new” shirt ready, Allison got her hair cut, Leppones is making the TJ’s party her after-party, Whit Ball is preparing the shotski, Mara might talk Bobby into coming, Braden might hang out with us old folks for a bit, and that’s just the update from a few of the people who came to SR this morning.  We’ll have margaritas, beer, bubbly water, and catered Mexican-themed food.  There MAY be a surprise entertainer, and I’m not talking about me.  Come ready. This year is going to be good!
**At long last, we are getting some super cool black hooded sweatshirts.  These are men’s styles but great for women in smaller sizes, as well.  Also, especially for women, we have a new sleeker style of thick zip hoodie available in charcoal grey.  Cozy but sleek and stylish to boot.  (Allison wrote that).
PLEASE PLACE YOUR ORDER BY DECEMBER 18th by going to the Discussion Board.  Please be sure to specify style and size.  If you’re not on the D Board, you should be!  Meanwhile, email to place your order now.  

**The goods will arrive at the gyms in the first week of January.

1.  Men’s Zip Hoodie in Black.  $45
2.  Men’s No-Zip Pullover in Black  $45
3.  Women’s tailored fit thick zip hoodie in Charcoal  $49

For Holiday gifts, you can print the mock-up photos below and then your gift will arrive in January!



Fri. Dec 13th


All Levels
A1. Single Leg RDL; 6-8reps/leg; 3011; 3 sets; rest 90sec
A2. Wtd Dips; 4-6reps; 21X1; 3 sets; rest 90sec

For Time
Run 800m
4 Wall Walks
Run 600m
3 Wall Walks
Run 400m
2 Wall Walks

For TIme
Power Snatch (105/70)
Burpee Over Bar
rest as needed
For Time
Row 1K
9 Wall Walks
Row 750
7 Wall Walks
Row 500m
5 Wall Walks


155/105 pound Squat clean, 15 reps
30 Toes to bar
30 Box jump, 20/24 inch box
15 Muscle-ups or 15 Ring Dips or 15 Dips or 15 Toe Pushups
40/30 pound dumbbell Push press / push jerk, 30 reps
30 Double-unders
135/95 pound Thruster, 15 reps
30 Pull-ups
30 Burpees
300 feet Walking lunge with 45lb plate held overhead (Parking lot down and back)

2009 CrossFit Games Chipper

Mobility WOD 

Sat. Dec 14th


All Levels
A. Push Press; 5-3-3-2-2

3min AMRAP x 5 Sets
3 Power Cleans
6 Push ups
9 Air Squats
rest 1min between rounds

A. Split Jerk; 1 rep Every 75sec; 12 sets (build up)

3min AMRAP x 5 Sets
3 Power Cleans
6 Push ups
9 Air Squats
rest 1min between rounds


Mobility WOD 

Sun. Dec 15th



Out of Town WOD

40,30,20,10 reps of


Double Unders

Mobility WOD 


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