How do you Roll?, The Spartan Race and TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. Oct 30th and Thurs. Oct 31st


How do you roll?

How do you react when things don’t go your way? This is a question I have been asking myself, in conjunction with another question, which is “how do I define happy?” I’ll start with the happiness question.  I have figured out my own definition of happy, based off of a number of different theories that say basically the same thing. Happiness for me is a series of small events that bring me some small amount of pleasure and enjoyment that, for the most part, I seek out myself.  For example, shopping for rims for my 1990 Bronco. I get all the way to the checkout button and hit “save order” instead of buying.  I’m not sure if I really want them, but damn, shopping for them feels awesome for five minutes.  That, mixed with making my daughters laugh and making my wife smile, connecting with a member of the gym on a new and deeper level, getting in a workout (no PR’s necessary for happiness on my plan), taking Pete for a walk, popping the free Sees candy in my mouth guilt-free, thank you very much, and writing a note to someone unprompted all make up a day in the life of my happiness.  At the end of that day though, I don’t pose the question to myself, “Am I happy?”  That doesn’t work for me. What works is “Good day today.”  You see, when you work for it, you get satisfaction.  When you expect it to come to you, you’re screwed.

As I see it, the way this all correlates with how you deal with adversity is absolute.  We all know that douchebags yell at barristas, give you the finger on the freeway, scream at their kids in public, or say nasty shit online.  They haven’t worked hard enough for their happiness; they have been waiting for it.  I know this because I have succumbed to my own douchebaggery in my day.  I know it when I see it.  Here’s an example of not necessarily douchebaggery, but of the happiness quotient and how we manage things not going exactly as we’d like.

While teaching a class, I had five different people in five minutes complain, under their breath of course, about how “horrible” the music was and that it wasn’t “motivating.”  I asked for what they wanted and changed the music every single time.  Five times in five minutes.  The other fifteen people had no complaints or compliments regarding the music–they were in their own groove, seeking and finding what they needed to get through the workout.  I’m not saying my five music aficionados were wrong or the others were right.  I’m just saying that some people can roll on some days, while others can’t.  I think it comes down to how hard you work and what you’ve done to fill your own happiness bank before you got where you’re going, because if the bank account is empty, you ain’t looking for happy, you’re looking for trouble.

My man Felipe in the pic above.  BIG Friday night.  Mas tequila is what I’m imagining.   Came to AO’s class on Saturday hurt like dirt.  Still showed up.  Still smiling, cracking jokes, working hard and generally being the person he always is, someone you want to be around.  This guy embodies seeking happy to me.  He embodies rolling with it to me.  He has suggestions, ideas, and comments that are meant for one thing.  To help.  He is joyous.  His wife is the same way.  Smiling, enjoying, and working for the next adventure. Thank you Felipe. Fuerte!

Spartan Race

Our friends at Reebok and the Spartan Race have asked us to pass on some information to you: The World Championship Reebok Spartan Race will be broadcast on NBC Sports on December 7th.  The Spartan Race is an adventure race that is challenging and accessible and provides an outlet for testing your fitness and getting out of the comfort zone of the gym and your normal routine.  You can read more about it on their website  If you’re interested in competing, we have a free race code, which will work one time for any open heat in any 2013-2104 Spartan Race in the continental US.  The code is: BOP2280827.  We also have a 15% off code for any Spartan Race –

Wed. Oct 30th


All Levels
4 Sets for Quality and Load
A1. 15 Heavy Russian KBS; rest 30sec
A2. 10 Weighted Push Ups; rest 30sec;
A3. 25 Anchored Sit Ups AFAP: rest 60sec

2 Rounds for Time
25 Calorie Airdyne
3 TGU/arm
Row 350m
10 Candlestick to Pistol (scale to candlestick to stand)
Run 400m
40 Double Unders
A. Clean Grip RDL; 3121; 3-4reps; rest 2:30; 4 sets
B1. KBS Heavy x 20 unbroken; 3 sets; rest 75sec
B2. GHD Sit Up x 20reps; 3 sets; rest 75sec

C. For Best 1k Total Time
Row 500m
rest 90sec
Row 500m



Two rounds for time of:
200 Double-unders
135/95 pound Overhead squat, 50 reps or whatever you feel comfortable with
50 Pull-ups (kipping or jumping, no bands, no strict)
Run 1 mile

U.S. Marine Corps Captain Brandon “Bull” Barrett, 27, of Marion, Indiana, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, based out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, was killed on May 5, 2010, while supporting combat operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his parents Cindy and Brett Barrett, his sisters Ashley and Taylor Barrett, his brother Brock Barrett, and his grandmother Carmen Johnson.

Mobility WOD 

Thurs Oct 31st


All Levels
A. Pause Front Squat; 21X1; 5reps ; rest 2:30; 4 sets
B. Single Leg RDL; 3010; 6reps/leg (not alternating); rest 60sec between legs; 3 sets
C. 3min AMRAP
Row 200m
10 Hang Power Cleans
AMRAP Burpee Over Barbell
rest 2mins; 3 sets
A. Front Squat; 20X1; 5-3-1-5-3-1 rest 2:30 (second wave harder than first)

EMOM x 14
Odd – 5 Heavy Thrusters
Even – 7-10 T2B

C. Weighted Hip Extensions; 3022; 10-8-6reps; rest 90sec

Out of Town WOD

Run 1 mile

40 Burpees

30 Situps

20 Pushups

Mobility WOD 


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