TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. Oct 23rd & Thurs. Oct 24th

January 6th, 2009 001


Some common phrases I’ve heard thrown around the last couple of weeks around here include the following: “Change is the only constant.”  “Embrace change.”  “The only guarantee in life is that things will change.”   All true, and change is absolutely a great thing.  But what I want to focus on now is growth.  We’ve basically got only a couple of options in life:  Learn and grow from what happens to us, or sit and do the same thing over and over.  Sticking with sameness always sucks, eventually.  You stagnate, you lay blame, and you wonder what could have been.  I’ll use myself as an example of growth in recent weeks.  I am excited, inspired, re-energized, feeling positive, and looking forward to the next challenge–whatever that may be.  I’m fired up to get this energy out to our community, and my driving force is: “How can I express this newfound excitement?”

The picture here was taken on December 13, 2008.  Allison and I had opened our second gym in Corte Madera a few months prior to that date.  It was a whopping 960 square feet, and yes those are mirrors on the back wall.   I had replaced myself in a number of classes at the OG (Original Gym = San Rafael), where I had been teaching almost all of the classes, in order to teach classes at the new location.  People were not happy.  New coaches had to take my spots, and they hadn’t signed up for feeling like replacements or second fiddle.  Thus began a series of struggles and successes for our community, and most of all for me and Allison.  I look back on those days in wonderment.  How the hell did we do it?  You might be thinking “What are you talking about, you had no where near as many members as you do now, and you only had two locations?”  But the opening of Corte Madera meant that we were more than a gym.  It was the start of something bigger– a movement of some kind, or whatever you want to call it.  We weren’t a one-shop deal any more, and we took on increasingly bigger projects and events and made a bigger name for ourselves as we did.  The years went by, and we added more and more to our plate, doing most things pretty well and learning from our mistakes.  The point is, I’ve gotten better at prioritizing and doing fewer things than I want to, but doing each one better because I’m choosing more carefully.  I’m choosing what I’m most passionate about, and it’s starting to show.

Earlier today, I blurted out of the blue to our eleven-year-old: “Do fewer things better.  Don’t multitask.”  She was sitting in the back seat of my car, listening to Katy Perry, and she said “OK!” with a big smile on her face while looking out the window.  I’m not sure if she knew what the hell I was talking about, but my excitement in the delivery seemed to get the message across.  That’s my message to you for now, and that’s how I plan on delivering it.  Focus on the things and people that matter to you.  Do your jobs related to those things well.  If there’s time, you can take on more.  If not, you’ll know you’re doing what you should be doing, and you and others around you will benefit.

Some announcements:

**TJ’s Gym Corte Madera Grand Re-Opening Party!

Saturday, November 16th, 6pm at the CM gym.  We will provide appetizers and beverages.  Stay tuned for more details on how to RSVP.

**No more OUTFit classes on Thursdays, but the Tuesday OUTFit classes are alive and well at Hall Middle School 9:30 am with the one-and-only Marcus.

**Mill Valley Schedule additions/changes are in effect now:

Mondays Open Gym – 4-5:30 Calen
Tuesdays – adding 8:30 w/Shanna, moving 9:15 to 9:30 w/Megan
Thursdays – adding 8:30 w/Nicki, moving 9:15 to  9:30 w/Nicki
Saturdays – 7:30/8:30/9:30 class times–all are moving earlier

**We are trying to optimize the CM evening class schedule.  We have some requests to move the current 5pm classes to 6pm’s or even later. Please email if you have opinions on this topic.

**If you missed it this weekend, check out psychologywod’s article: It’s Just a Game…or is it?  And while you’re there, please click the Facebook Like button and/or Follow her on Twitter.  It’s good stuff (in my unbiased opinion).

Wed Oct 23rd


All Levels
4 Sets for Load and Reps
A1. 10 Heavy KB SDHP; rest 30sec
A2. 10 Push Press (from Racks); rest 30sec;
A3. 20 Weighted Sit Ups (DB across chest): rest 90sec
3 Rounds For Time (sustained pace)
1min Airdyne
2 Wall Walks
Row 200m
2 TGU/arm
Run 200m
Bear Crawl 20m

A. Snatch Grip Deadlift; 3121; 3-4reps; rest 2:30; 4 sets

B. 20 KBS (70/53) Unbroken; 3 sets for time

C. Row 500m @ 90%
rest 2mins; 3 sets

D. GHD Sit UP; 50reps not for time


“2 minutes”

2 minutes of work followed by 30 seconds of rest for following

Wall Balls

Sumo Deadlift 225/175

Hollow Rocks

Split Snatch 135/85

Toes To Bar



OH Walking Lunges 45/25

Sand Bad Ground to Overhead 60/40

Run to the Top of the Racquet Club

Mobility WOD 

Thurs Oct 24th


All Levels
A. Front Box Squat; 6-6-4-4; rest 2:30; (focus is on vertical shins)
B. Single Leg RDL; 3010; alternate legs for 12 reps; rest 90sec; 3 sets
C. 90sec AMRAP
Row 200m
AMRAP Thrusters in remaining time
rest 90sec; 2 sets
D. 90sec AMRAP
Run 200m
AMRAP Burpees in Remaining time
rest 90sec; 2 sets

A. Front Squat; 20X1; 5-4-3-3-2; rest 2:30
EMOM x 14
Odd – 4 TnG Squat Cleans
Even – 3 Rope Climbs

C. Weighted Hip Extensions; 3022; 6-8reps; rest 90sec; 3 sets

Out of Town WOD

25 Mt Climbers 2 is 1

15 Burpees

10 Situps

4 rds

Mobility WOD 


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