Lift Up Luke Autism Fundraiser, TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. Oct 18th, Sat. Oct 19th & Sun. Oct 20th

LiftUpLukeBoxFlyerThanks to everyone who came to the TJ’s Town Hall meeting tonight.  It was a great group, and we left with some solid ideas to implement.  We’re always open, so feel free to email us any time if you have feedback or questions.

Please join us at 4pm this Sunday at OG (San Rafael gym) for the Lift Up Luke Fundraiser for Autism.  Follow the link to sign up and donate to this worthy cause.  We hope to get a great group hooping and hollering through this workout.  Great folks, great cause.  Come on in and get your sweat on.

I’ve been getting a ton of requests to bring back my passionate writing on this blog, and I’m committing to doing that starting next week. For those of you who are newer to the TJ’s Gym family, I used to write quite a bit of personal material up here, and other obligations and jobs have taken me away from that a bit.  I’m actually really looking forward to bringing back the heart and soul of this blog, so keep me to my promise if I fall off at all.

Also, look for a breakdown of our big-picture programming plan for the next phase of our workouts on Sunday night’s blog.

Fri. Oct 18th


All Levels
A1. Seated DB Press; 31X2; 5-8reps; rest 2mins; 4 sets
A2. Ring Row; AMRAP @ 2020 tempo; rest 2mins; 4 sets

Tabata Sit Up (low score)
*immediately begin the following after final 10sec rest
3 Rounds
12 Push Press (95/65)
12 Pull Ups
36 Double Unders
A1. Press; 31X2; 5-8reps; rest 2mins; 4 sets
A2. Pendlay Row; 21X0; 5reps; rest 2mins; 4 sets

B. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Unbroken Pull Up ladder for time
*each set must be unbroken in order to progress to next set

C. TGU – 3 hard reps/arm; rest 60sec between arms; 3 sets each


Row 1000m

25 Ball Slams

25 Sand Bag Thrusters

Row 1000m

25 Toes to Bar

25 Overhead Walking Lunges with Sandbag

Row 1000m

25 Burpee Ball Slams

25 Tire Flips

 Mobility WOD 

Sat. Oct 19th


All Levels
A. Sumo Deadlift; 5-5-3-2-1; rest as needed

4 Sets for Times
Run 300m
15 Wall Balls
15 Box Jumps
rest 90sec

A. Sumo Deadlift; 5-5-3-2-1; rest as needed

For Time
Run 200m
10 Thrusters 75/55
15 Box Jumps 24/20
10 Wall Balls (20/14)
Run 200m
rest walk 3mins; 3 Sets


 Mobility WOD 

Sun. Oct 20th


A. 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Hang Clean + 1 Clean –

B. Tabata Mash-up**

DB Hang Clean 45/25

** 24 total sets, rotating stations (ie one set of each movement before starting over, 8 times)

Out of Town WOD

Run 5k


25 walking Lunges

25 Double Unders

3 rds

 Mobility WOD 


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