Happy Birthday Marcus!, Blue Star Moms and TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. Oct 2nd and Thurs. Oct 3rd

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Things are rocking at the New TJ’s Corte Madera.

Some important announcements:

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 8.31.34 PM1.  Happy Birthday to Marcus!  As he nears the end of his 20’s, Marcus is kicking ass.  Allison and I are lucky to have him as our partner, and our entire community is lucky to reap the benefits of his knowledge, commitment, and passion for helping people make positive change in their lives.  We look forward to expanding our TJ’s world with Marcus in the months and years to come.

2.  The vendor village for the TJ’s Rodeo is shaping up to be pretty awesome, so plan to bring your wallets in addition to your mechanical-bull-riding (I mean weightlifting) shoes.  We will post a complete list of vendors shortly, but be sure to tell your friends and family to get ready to do some shopping in between cheering you on during your workouts.

3.  Also at the Rodeo, we will be holding a raffle to benefit Tia M. and her family, who are currently going through an incredibly difficult time.  Tia’s husband is fighting for his life, and the family needs funds to manage medical expenses and ancillary services.  Please bring small or large change in cash to purchase raffle tickets.  Prizes will include private training sessions with me and some of our coaches, as well as some other goodies.  We appreciate your help in assisting one of our own in a time of true need.

4.  As always, we also have an organized charity component to the TJ’s Rodeo.  Blue Star Moms of Marin will be back this year!  This is a a fantastic organization that sends care packages to our troops overseas.  Last year through our event, they collected $1500 worth of food and other items and raised more than $700 towards their cost of $13.30 in postage per Care Package they ship overseas.  We hope to better those numbers this year!  Check out http://www.bluestarmomsofmarin.org  for more information about what they do.

How can you help?  In lieu of a spectator fee fee for the Rodeo, we are asking that spectators bring an item for donation to the Blue Star care packages. See below for a list of items you can bring.   Cash donations of any amount (to go towards postage) would be greatly appreciated, as well.  In November, Blue Star Moms are planning to pack over 200 boxes to send to the troops in time for the holidays.


Any Beef Jerky (No Pork)
Slim Jims
Salmon – Single Serve Packs
Tuna – Single Serve Packs
Tuna or Chicken Salad Boxes with Crackers – Individual Boxes Protein Bars (No Chocolate)

Granola or Breakfast Bars (No Chocolate) Instant Oatmeal – Individual Packets Cereal – One Serving Boxes
Instant Soup – Individual Packets

Cup O’ Noodles (No Ramen Noodles) Squeezable Fruit Pouches
Dried Fruit/Raisins – Small Packets Fruit Roll Ups

Fruit Leathers
Trail Mix – Single Packets (No Chocolate)
Nuts – Small Packets
Any Seeds – Small Packets
Boxed Individual Packs of Peanut Butter and Cracker Packets Boxed Individual Packs of Snack Crackers
Teddy Graham Packets
Individual Packs of Cookies
Pringles – Mini Cans Only


5 Hour Energy Shots
Instant Coffee – Single Serve Packets Instant Cocoa – Single Serve Packets Tea Bags – Individually Wrapped


Comic Books Crossword Puzzles Sudoku Puzzles Playing Cards
Any Chewing Gum

Wed. Oct 2nd


All Levels
A. Front Squat; Find your 3RM in 15mins
*between sets of front squats, work chin over pull up bar isometric holds

2 Rounds for Time
500m Row/40cal Airdyne
20 Burpee Over Box Jumps
30 Anchored Sit Ups
15 Squat Cleans (135/95)
400m Run
A. Front Squat; Find your 3RM in 15mins

2 Rounds for Time
500m Row
20 Burpee Over Box Jumps
30 GHD Sit Ups
15 Squat Clean Thrusters (135/95)
400m Run


5 rds for time

400m Run
20 Burpee/jump in and out of tire
30 Anchored Sit Ups
15 DB Squat Cleans (45/30)


Mobility WOD 

Thurs Oct. 3rd


All Levels
A1. Floor/Bench Press; 10-10-10; rest as needed (last set = 10RM as closely as posslbe)
A2. Strict Knees to Elbows; AMRAP unbroken; rest as needed; 3 sets

EMOM x 24mins
1st min – 5-8 Roll to Candlestick
2nd min – 5-7 Burpee Pull Ups
3rd min – Airdyne 15sec Sprint highest effort
A1. Build to a 1RM in the close grip bench press
*immediately after your max set perfrom 1 Max set of Unbroken K2E

EMOM x 24mins
1st min – 6 Roll to Candlestick (one leg pistol version)
2nd min – 3 Burpee Bar Muscle Ups

Out of town WOD

2 Rounds for Time
400m Run
20 Burpee Over Box Jumps
30 Anchored Sit Ups
15 Jumping Lunges

Mobility WOD 


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