TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. Sept 23rd and Tues. Sept 24th


Rachel is signed up and ready to rock and roll , Rodeo style, on Oct. 13th.

The new TJ’s Gym Corte Madera is coming along super nicely!  We moved in a ton of gear and amenities over the weekend and will continue to address final details this week.  Come on in and enjoy the new space!

FREE PULLUP CLINIC WITH ALLISON THIS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th in San Rafael 10:30-11:15, right after the 9:30 class.  The plan is to continue with these clinics weekly on Thursdays, adding ring work for those who are interested in dips and muscle ups.  This is a great opportunity for you to prep for the Rodeo or just finally get going on that goal of getting your first pullup, improving your efficiency with kipping, or working on your strength for strict pullups.

Mon. Sept 23rd 


All Levels
A1. AMRAP Push Press 25sec; rest 0sec; 5 sets
A2. Row 25sec @ 100%; rest 2-3mins; 5 sets

For Time
SA DB Thruster R (40/25)
KB SDHP (70/53)
SA DB Thruster L (40/25)
Pull Ups
A1. AMRAP Close Grip Bench Press (135/85); rest 0sec; 4 sets
A2. Row 25sec @ 100%; rest 3mins; 4 sets

3 Sets
6 TnG Squat Clean (moderate weight)
3 Rope Climbs
rest 2mins


21 Hang Power Cleans 115/75

15 Push Presses

9  Power Snatches

25 Calories on the Airdyne

25 min AMRAP

Mobility WOD 

Tues. Sept 24th


All Levels
A. EMOM x 14mins
Odd – 2 Power Cleans + 2 Hang Squat Cleans
Even – 8 Plyo push ups (clap, jump, wieght plates)

B. 4 Sets for Times
15 KBS (tough)
40sec Row/AD Sprint
rest 2-3mins
A. EMOM x 14mins
Odd – 2 Power Clean + 2 Hang power Clean (155/105)
Even – 3-6 Bar Muscle Ups
B. 4 Sets for Times
5 Deadlifts TnG (tough)
8 Burpees AFAP
20sec AD Sprint
rest 2-3mins

Out of Town WOD

21,15,9 reps of

Walking Lunge Steps



Mobility WOD 

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