Corte Madera delayed a few more days, TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. Sept 13th, Sat. Sept 14th and Sun. Sept 15

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Last Day for Registration!  Tell everyone you know that you’re going to be in a Rodeo!

If you haven’t visited the discussion board in the last two days, you’re missing out on some inspiring posts about the history of this event and why you should take part.  Take a few minutes and head over there.

Corte Madera Update:  Do you really want us to pick another date and get it wrong again?  How about this, we will let you know when it’s ready.  The hold up?  The inspector came at 5:15pm today, so nothing could get done all day.  We will email the CM regulars, but the plan is to shoot for having kids classes on Tuesday afternoon as well as the 5pm regular class, and then normal schedule starting on Wednesday. We are considering offering a 6:30am at Redwood (light enough at that time) on Mon and Tues morning, so if you’d be up for that, please email

One more thing:  HAPPY 9th Birthday to this kid. We love you, Hollis!

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Fri Sept 13


All Levels
A. Power Snatch Technique work (pause just below knees for 2 sec); 10mins practice
B. Power Snatch; 3 reps EMOM (no pause) 8 mins

AMRAP 12mins
5 Deadlifts
30 Double Unders

A. Power Snatch – 10min technique work
B. Hang Power Snatch (below knee0; 2 reps EMOM (moderate); 10mins

AMRAP 12mins
5 Deadlifts 225/165
30 Double Unders


TJ’s Games Chipper 2012 as a 25m AMRAP

:20 DB single arm snatch 45/30 (10 each arm alternating. DB must rest on ground in between reps and can’t change hands until it’s set on the ground. You can touch the DB with your helping hand on the way down, but you cannot transfer UNTIL the weight is resting fully on the floor)

10 DB hang squat cleans

35 Double Unders

Mobility WOD 

Sat Sept 14


All Levels & Wrench

4 Rounds for Time
200m Run
1 Clean and Jerk (Heavyish)
200m Run
6 DB Thrusters (Heavyish)
200m Run
12 Pull Ups

Out of Town WOD

Mobility WOD 

Sun Sept 15


Warm-up then
A. 20 min Open Gym – athletes may work on any skill-oriented task

B1. Bulgarian Split Squat 6-8 reps x 3 work sets (rest 10 sec between legs)
Rest 60 Sec
B2. Single-arm DB or KB Row @ 20X1 6-8 reps x work 3 sets

C. 3 sets, 2 min rest in between:
AMRAP Push-ups
Row 250m @ 95%

Out of Town WOD

21,15,9,15,21 reps of:

Jumping Squats


Mobility WOD 



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