What the hell is the Metabolic?, TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. Aug 9th, Sat. Aug 10th, and Sun. Aug 11th


REDWOOD (thanks for the pics Jimmy)

Fri Aug 9th

I was recently asked what the point is of the “Metabolic”  and how it fits into an athlete’s programming.  I’ve thought about a lot about this question and talked about it with Marcus, as well.  I’m sure some of you are looking for a scientific breakdown of how aerobic power systems with glycolytic peaks will result in better transference of molecular protein synthesis on the cellular level, which of course will result in a more well-rounded training methodology for a year-round competitive exercise athlete whose goals are to compete and achieve a better result in regional, national, or worldwide competitive exercise competitions…or something like that.  Sorry.  Here is the main idea behind it.  Less intensity, more fun.

I can smell the disappointment.  Look, training endurance and stamina on the power, strength, agility and coordination levels is a good thing.  Doing a “chipper” that has a whole slew of different movements that will take 20-40 minutes to complete will definitely improve some aspects of your health, performance, and aesthetic.  Does this metabolic arm have its own lab at the TJ’s Research University?  No.  I come up with some cool ideas that will make people really sweaty.  I program movements and weights that are safe, and away you go.  When you start performing for longer than three minutes, you are no longer getting the hormonal charge that you get from anaerobic activity.  You are performing at an aerobic level of sustainable activity.  This burns calories, improves cardio vascular function, and gives you better stamina and endurance to some degree.  You also get a huge sweat on, you feel really good when it’s over, and you don’t completely wreck your nervous system like an EMOM of Wall Balls and Snatches for ten minutes might.  Metabolic classes are great for everyone, and I recommend them for all of our athletes.  They are great for folks who are stressing their nervous systems outside of the gym through poor sleep and nutrition, they are great for competitive athletes to prepare for a  grinder at the next throwdown, they are great for veterans to get a dose of movements they might not see in an all-levels classes, and they are great for newbies because you get a better chance to interact with your classmates, because the intensity isn’t as high, and everyone isn’t lost in their own world of hurt.

If you only do Metabolic classes, you won’t see a complete change in your health performance and aesthetic, just like if you wouldn’t if you only did a heavy lifting program . Pop into a class, have fun, and get your freak on.


All Levels A1. Front Rack Split Squat (not rear foot elevated); 8reps/leg @ 30X0; rest 60sec between legs; 60sec before A2; 4 sets A2. AMRAP Strict Pull Ups (supinated); 90sec rest; 4 sets

3 Sets for Times 10 Push Press 10 Box Jumps (20/16) Row 200m or AD 22/18 Cals 10 Box Jumps 10 Push Press rest 90-120sec

Wrench A1. Front Rack Split Squat (not rear foot elevated); 8reps/leg @ 30X0; rest 60sec between legs; 60sec before A2; 4 sets A2. AMRAP Strict Pull Ups (supinated); 90sec rest; 4 sets

2 Sets @ 100% Row 250m 15 KBS 70/53 25 Burpees 15 KBS 70/53 Row 250m rest 8mins


Partner Workout

Working at the same time as your partner

400m Farmers Carry.  While partner 1 carries a pair of 62/44lb kb partner 2 walks as well.  Whenever the kettlebells need to be handed off the partner perform 50 total air squats, working at the same time.

50 total Dumbbell Thrusters 45/30 total with partners working at the same time.  Whenever one of the partners lowers the DB’s below the shoulders the partners must total 75 cals on Airdynes at the same time

75 total Dumbell Renegade rows working at the same time.

100 Total Ball medball pass situps with feet intertwined

100 Total DB Snatches

Airdyne 50 Cals total at same time

Mobility WOD

Sat Aug 10th


All Levels and Wrench

“Bulger” For time. Ten rounds of: Run 150 meters 7 Chest to bar Pull-ups 135/95 pound Front squat, 7 reps 7 Handstand push-ups

*Scale to 7 rounds or 5 rounds for time


Mobility WOD

Sun. Aug 11th

A1. Squat Snatch 5 reps, rest 30 sec x 4 sets
A2. Hollow Rock 12-20 reps, rest 30 sec x 4 sets
A3. Box Jump 4-6 reps, Rest 30 sec x 4 sets

B. 10 Hang Power Snatches
10 T2B
200m Row or 20 Cal Bike
Rest 1 min x 3 sets


Mobility WOD


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