TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. July 31st and Thurs. Aug 1st


Here is my debriefing from the 2013 CrossFit Games

From Tuesday to Sunday the Big Blue Travel Crew headed down to the StubHub Center to watch and cheer for our athletes.  Lisa and Marcus had made it to the big show.  Tuesday through Thursday was the Masters Event.  In years past, this had taken place in the parking lot but this year they moved the Masters event to the track area–a regulation track with a large infield and stadium seating for a few thousand or more.  This was a big upgrade and was reminiscent of years past when teams and individuals competed there.  I thought the Masters Competition was top notch.  Joe, Andy, and Jason of TJ’s Gym fame, along with Curtis Bowler of Rainier CrossFit, ran an exceptional event.  The announcers were phenomenal and everything ran smoothly and on time.  Lisa was clearly one of the best athletes on the field right out of the gate, and the competition she was up against was brutal.  There were athletes who had competed as individuals in the past.  Beyond the sheer athleticism and great feats of strength, my main take-away from the Masters show was just how buff the athletes were, and they weren’t afraid to show it.  It was like a liquor store out there–4 packs through 12 packs everywhere you looked.  The programming included a number of higher end movements that you would find in any CrossFit competition.  After six events, Lisa’s final standing was fifth place in THE WORLD!  We had a solid crew cheering her on, and she “rocked it” like we knew she would.

On the Individual side, Marcus started with a pool workout on Wednesday morning, along with the half-marathon row in the afternoon.  We were able to watch the first 2k of the row, head over and watch Lisa’s event, and head back to the Velodrome Stadium to watch Marcus battle through the remainder of his row.  Friday and Saturday were a blur.  The tennis stadium was full on Friday, which in past years was not the case.  The vendor village was enormous and very well run, so the crowds were not overbearing.  Lisa Smith ran vendor village brilliantly.  The lines were long but moved quickly, and you never got the feeling of being in a crush of people.  The events had a serious endurance leaning this year for the men and woman.  Strength endurance, speed endurance, endurance endurance.   Marcus performed incredibly at all of the events, but I was most impressed by Friday morning’s beatdown that involved a 2k run, flipping a metal monstrosity that weighed hundreds of pounds the length of a football field, carrying a chunk of timber a few hundred meters, and pulling a sled that looked like it would challenge a team of horses.  Marcus completed that workout and only a few hours later had to reverse systems into a zig-zag sprint, where he blew away some of the biggest names in the sport.  The workouts kept coming, each one more diabolical than the last.  The crazy part was that every once in awhile there would be a Marcus Filly sighting around the concourse outside the stadium.  He was chatting with people and taking in the sights.  Marcus finished the weekend in 37th place, but not before spending the final few heats on Saturday night with us in the stands–just a regular fan.

Marcus and Lisa represented the Big Blue at the Games by showing their athleticism and grace.  We were proud to cheer them on.   All in all it was a great  trip.  I got to spend time with “The Psyche” of our sport, Dr. Allison Belger, and got to see how much influence her PsychologyWOD blog is making in the world.  We got to hang out with our friends, meet new people, and reconnect with folks we’ve had at our events at home and around the country.   I highly recommend that you make the pilgrimage one year.  You won’t be disappointed. Right, KP?

Wed. July 31st


All Levels
A1. Seated (box or L-sit) DB Press; 31X1; 6 reps; 4 sets; rest 30sec
A2. 4-6 Dips; rest 30sec; 4 sets
A3. AMRAP Push Ups; rest 2mins; 4 sets

3 Rounds for time
500m Row or 400m Run
8 Deadlifts 95/65
8 Hang Power Clean
8 Push Press 95/65

A. Split Jerk; 2 reps @ 80% of best single last week; rest 75sec; 6 sets

3 Rounds for time
Airdyne 150/100 Cals
40 Deadlifts 155/05
40 HR Push Ups


Partner Workout

100 DB Squat Cleans 45/30

100 Pullups

100 KB Swings

100 Situps

100 Walking Lunge Steps with DB’s

When Partner 1 is working Partner 2 is rowing.  How many meters can your team row and how fast can you perform the workout.

Out of Town WOD

Run 2k

top of every minute perform 5 Pushups

Mobility WOD 

Thurs. Aug 1st



Out of Town WOD

Mobility WOD


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