Happy Mothers Day, the latest from the Dr. and TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. May 13th


I’m a giver.  Thanks for the shot Ev.

Allison’s latest:

The Importance of Being More than Just a CrossFit Athlete or Climber or Triathlete: Don’t Bore Your Friends and Family


All Levels
A1. Bulgarian Split Squat; 6-8reps/leg; 4 sets; rest 90sec
A2. Ring Rows; 10-12reps; 20X0; 4 sets; rest 90sec

5 sets
15 Wall balls
10 Pull Ups
250m Row/200m Run/20 AD Cals @ 90%
rest 90sec

Skills Practice for Regional
3 Rounds not for time
10 alternating pistols
10 chest 2 bar pull ups
10 alternating KB Snatches

4 Sets for Times
15 Thrusters 75/55
15 Toes to Bar
Row 300m @ jackie pace
rest 90sec



For time:
100 Wall balls (20/14 lbs to a 10’ target)
100 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups (Do regular pullups or jumping, bad idea to use a band for this one)
100 One-legged squats, alternating
100 One-arm dumbbell snatches, alternating (70/50 lbs)

Time cap: 25 minutes (check where you are at 25 and I will let you finish

Here is the deal for this one.  I am going to allow you to break up the movements any way you would like.  You can partition the movements into tens or twenties or anything.  If you don’t have One Legged squats you should use a box.


Out of Town WOD

15 Squats

15 Pullups or Pushups

200m Sprint

5 rds

Mobility WOD

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