TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. April 29th

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 8.22.03 AMRevival of the Fittest.  Check it.


















PsychologyWOD has a great article on how to prevent your training and performance in the gym and in life from succumbing to your fears of negative evaluation by others.  Check it out here:

**Gymnastics Club in Corte Madera: Time change AND DROP-INS!!!**

We are changing the time of the Tuesday classes from 6pm to 11am starting NEXT Tuesday, May 7th.  This week the class will be held at 6pm.  Saturday time will remain 11am. We are also offering drop-ins for these classes. They will now be $20/class and are still included in Platinum memberships.

Come get your gymnastics on!


All Levels
A. Back Squat; 3-4reps; 30X1; 5 sets; rest 2mins

3 Rounds
25 KBS (53/35)
25 Burpees

A1. Back Squat; 30X1; 2-3reps; rest 30sec; 4 sets
A2. AMRAP Muscle Ups; 4 sets; rest 2mins (if you don’t have muscle ups yet then perform C2B pull ups for AMRAP); 4 sets

5 Sets
B1. Thrusters Moderate-Heavy 8-10 reps; rest 60sec
B2. 10-14 T2B Unbroken; rest 60sec

A. Back Squat; 5 reps; 4 sets
B. KBS – 10-15 reps; 5 sets (technique, try different weights)

3 Rounds for Time
Airdyne 24/18 Calories
15 KBS
15 Jumping Pull Ups



1st Quarter

12 minute AMRAP of :

10-10 meter Sprints

15 KB Swings

2nd Quarter

12 minute AMRAP of:

12 Burpees

12 DB Squats 40/25

3rd Quarter

12 minute AMRAP of:

12 DB Push Press

24 Situps

4th Quarter

12 minute AMRAP of:

24 Double Unders

12 Walking Lunge Steps w/DB’s

12 Hang Power Cleans w/DB’s

Out of Town WOD 

Mobility WOD 


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