TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. April 17th


Congratulations K.K.  Good things happen to great people.

All Levels
A1. DB Bulgarian Split Squat (extended range of motion if you feel comfortable, place front foot on a weight plate); 6-8reps/leg; 4 sets
rest 60sec
A2. Ring or Bar Row; AMRAP; 4 sets
rest 60sec
A3. L-Sit; 30-40sec (as hard as you can make it with as few breaks as possible); 4 sets
rest 60sec

B. Run Bike Row
40sec @ 80%
20sec @ 50%
x 6 sets
30sec @ 85%
30sec @ 50%
x 6 sets
20sec @ 90%
40sec @ 50%
x 6 sets

A1. DB Bulgarian Split Squat 30X0; 6-8reps/leg; 4 sets; rest 90sec
A2. Strict Muscle Up; AMRAP; rest 90sec

B. Row
Row 1000m @ 80%
rest 2mins
Row 1000m @ 85%
rest 3mins
Row 1000m @ 90%
rest 4mins
Row 1000m @ 95%

A. Deadlift; 5 reps; 4-5sets
B. Hang Power Clean instruction
4 Sets for Max Reps
30sec – Hang Power Clean
30sec – Rest
30sec – Burpees
30sec – Rest


Racquet Club Run with Medicine Ball Buy In:

Down and Back Walking Lunge in Parking lot with 45/25lb plate overhead

50 Hollow Rocks

40 Medball Cleans

30 Ring Rows

20 Wall Balls

30 Ring Rows

40 Medball Cleans

50 Hollow Rocks

Down and Back Lunge with Plate

Out of Town WOD

3 Handstand Pushups

6 Box Jumps

9 Situps

12 Mt C limbers

5 rds

Mobility WOD 


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