TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. Mar 29th


All Levels
A. Back Squat; 1 Rep @ 85% (1RM or effort if you don’t know 1RM); rest 75sec; 6-8 sets (based off how you are feeling)
B. Open Skills Prep
C. CrossFit Open WOD

A. Build to a Heavy single in the weighted movement of the Week for the OPEN (specific prescription to come)

B. Abbreviated version of the open workout to focus on skills, transitions, timing, pacing (specific prescription to come)

C. 15sec Sprints @ 100%; row or airdyne; rest 2mins; 3-4sets

D. Cool down and mobilize

A1. Press; 5 reps; 4 sets
A2. KBS – 10-15rep; 4 sets
B. Push Jerk Instruction

5 Rounds for Time
Airdyne 15/12 Cals
10 Push Jerks (light weight – perfect form)


50 DB  Hang Clean and Jerk

50 Toes to Bar

50 KB Swings

50 Cals on Airdyne or Rower

50 Walking Lunge Steps with Dumbbells

50 10m Shuttle Sprints (both hands need to touch the ground on the line at each end)

50 Vertical Jumps with Both Hands to a target 8 inches over reach

50 Window Wipers (

Out of Town WOD 

Mobility WOD 


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