Corte Madera Announcements, TJ’s Gym WOD for Thurs. Mar 21st


IMG_2606Can’t remember if I shared this photo already and it damn sure needs to be shared.


Starting next week, the week starting Monday, March 25th, we will no longer have 10am classes on Mondays and Fridays. We WILL still have Wed 10am classes, as people seem to come to those.  We are also ADDING A THURSDAY OUTFIT CLASS at 9:30am, to complement the existing Tuesday OUTFIT time.  A number of you asked for this class, so we hope to see you out there! OUTFit meets at Hall Middle School, near the restrooms by Piper Park baseball field.  It’s a great bootcamp-style workout in the great outdoors, and it’s part of your regular TJ’s membership.  Enjoy!


All Levels
A. 3 Sets
12 Push Jerks (unbroken)
400m Run
rest 2mins between sets

B. 3 Sets
10 Hang Squat Clean (medium weight)
90sec Row/Bike @ high continuous effort
rest 2mins between sets

C. Finisher – 3 rounds not for time
5-10 HSPU
10-30sec L-Sit

20mins – row or bike
30sec @ 85%
30sec @ 50%
* keep the pace aerobic.

Mobilize for Open Workout (specific recomendations to come)

A. Hang Power Snatch + OHS; both movements back to back; focus on skill

4 Rounds for Time
300m Run

Finisher – Tabata Hollow Rock

Out of Town WOD

Mobility WOD 


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