TJ’s Gym WOD for Mon. Mar 18th


Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 8.25.28 PMThe Good Dr. has a new post up on  Head over to this link for some good thought-provoking reading. My personal favorite so far:



All Levels
A1. Tempo Push Press; 31X1; 4-6reps; rest 90sec; 4 sets
A2. Sumo Deadlifts; 30X1 (puase at top not at bottom – must be under control entire time) 4-6reps; rest 90sec 4 sets

3 Sets for reps
:40sec – KBS
:20sec – Rest
:40sec – Push Ups
:20sec – Rest
:40sec – Airdyne/Row
1:20 – Rest

Optional Finsiher – Accumulate 2mins HS Hold

A. Deadlift; Build to a tough double in 12mins

3 Rounds for Time
7/4 Muscle Ups
50 Double Undes
20 KBS
rest 2mins after workout and then begin
2min MAX Effort – Toes 2 Bar

A1. Push Press; 4-6reps; 4 sets
A2. Ring Rows; AMRAP; 4 sets

3 Sets for reps
:30sec – DB Push Press
:30sec – Rest
:30sec – Sit Ups
:30sec – Rest
:30sec – Airdyne
:30sec – Rest


Murph if you missed it because I’m so freaking sore that I think everyone should feel this way.  If you did Murph already:

Partner Workout

25 KB Swings while Partner Rows 150m; switch

20 Situps while partner does 15 Back Ext on GHD in OG; switch

10 single arm DB Push Press, left then right, while partner L Hangs

Add 1 Walk Walk each after each round (1 first round each, 2 second round each etc.)

AMRAP in 22  minutes.

Tabata Hollow Rocks as a finisher.  Big Mobility after class



Out of Town WOD

3 Sets for reps
:30sec – Push Ups
:30sec – Rest
:30sec – Sit Ups
:30sec – Rest
:30sec – Handstandstand Hold
:30sec – Rest

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 8.33.25 PM


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