Fresh Eats is now live! and TJ’s Gym WOD for Tues. March 5th

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We’ve got some very exciting news.  TJ’s Gym members, Jen Lefferts and Lisa Hines (of Bella Luxe fame),  have teamed up to create Fresh Eats.   Here is the link  If you don’t have time to cook but want a healthy Paleo meal, check them out and order up.  Meals will be dropped in the cool new fridge in OG2 in San Rafael on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Jen wants you all to know that this week is a soft launch, so you may need to be patient while they work out the kinks.  First delivery will be this Thursday, 3/7!

Please keep yourself updated on all announcements about the CrossFit Open by checking in on the Discussion Board daily.  We have some updated rules and regulations you will need to know about, and you will need to sign up for Saturday community Open times there, as well.


All Levels
A1. Front Squat; 3-4reps; rest 2mins; 5sets
A2. AMRAP Strict Pull Ups; rest 2mins; 5sets

3 Sets for Total Time
400m Run
15 Wall Balls
15 Pull Ups
rest 1min

A1.Pause Front Squat (2 seconds at bottom); 3reps; rest 30sec; 5sets
A2.10-16 Unbroken COVP Pull Ups; rest 2mins; 5sets
8min AMRAP
3 Wall Balls
3 Burpees
6 Wall Balls
6 Burpees
9 Wall Balls
9 Burpees
add 3 reps per round

A1. Front Squat; 5reps; 4 sets
A2. Strict Pull Ups 6-8reps; 4 sets

3 Sets for Total Time
300m Run
12 Wall balls
12 Pull Ups (jumping, kipping)
rest 1min

Out of Town WOD

3 Sets for Total Time
300m Run
50 Double Unders
12 Pull Ups (jumping, kipping)

12 Pushups
rest 1min

Mobility WOD

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 6.50.49 PM


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