CrossFit Open Rules for TJ’s Gym, Social Fluency Workshop and TJ’s Gym WOD for Tues. Jan 29th

jan31Mark of the Beast.  If you’re going to wear a zip hoodie while cleaning, best get your elbows through quickly, or you’re gonna get bit.

CrossFit Open at TJ’s Gym

It’s that time of year again–time to get ready for the CrossFit Open. For those of you newer to this sport, the Open is the forum for athletes around the world to qualify for Regionals, which are, in turn, the qualifiers for the international CrossFit Games.  The Open is an online competition spanning 5 weeks, where everyone completes the same workout (judged at, and validated by, an Affiliate, or videotaped and submitted directly to CrossFit) and is ranked relative to other athletes in his/her region.  The Open is also the forum for gyms to qualify a team or teams for the Regionals competition.  You can read all about the rules on the CrossFit Games site.  Go here to see how to register:
Registration for the Open begins January 30th, so be sure to sign up, designating TJ’s Gym San Rafael, Corte Madera, Novato, or Mill Valley, depending on where you complete greater than 50% of your weekly workouts (currently and since Jan 1, 2013).  If you have any doubts or questions about which team/location you should designate, email right away and definitely before registering.  It is critical that we abide by the rules.  Not doing so, even if by accident, could lead to disqualification of one or all of our teams.  We encourage you all to participate, even if you are not a competitive CrossFitter.  The Open is a great way to see how you rank among other athletes worldwide, but more importantly, to put yourself out there and see how you perform a workout when the stakes are just a bit higher than when you normally workout.
This year, in order to create a TJ’s Gym community feel and unified excitement about the Open, we will be running Open workouts with judging and for scoring validation on Saturdays at rotating gyms.  The schedule will be as follows:
March 9th  San Rafael 9:30-11:00* (during the 9:30 class and afterwards)
March 16th  Novato  10-11:30*
March 23rd Mill Valley  10-11:30* (during the 10am class and afterwards)
March 30th Novato 10-11:30*
March 6th San Rafael  9:30-11:00* (during the 9:30 class and afterwards)
*It is possible that during some weeks when workouts are longer, we may need two hours to get everyone done. If you come to class during one of the times the Open will be going on, you can expect a little more chaos than normal.*
With very few exceptions, the above times are when all TJ’s Gym members doing the Open should be doing their Open workouts. There will be an exciting atmosphere and lots of great cheering going on.  You should plan to be there for the entire 90-120 minutes each time, as you may be needed to judge another athlete before or after your workout.   If you absolutely cannot make one of the scheduled times, there will be an option of paying a judge $20 to judge your workout.  We will designate who that judge will be, and there will need to be at least one other person at the gym during the workout (in addition to the designated judge and athlete).  You will not be permitted to gather a group of athletes to pay a coach in one sitting.  Two athletes per meeting, max.  We will be announcing additional details about how and with whom you can schedule such a session, but we expect that 99% of Open workouts will be completed during the times listed above.

Social Fluency workshop this week on Thursday at the CM gym from 630-830pm by our very own Megan Kaden. for any questions.  Here is her blurb:

The last free Social Fluency workshop at TJ’s Gym is this Thursday in CM from 630-830.     Feel better. Be better: For your kids, for your spouse, for your community, for your career, for yourself.  YOU are your greatest asset. Invest in yourself. Send RSVPs and questions to Megan at (Or talk with one of the many TJers who have attended the last two workshops.)


All Levels
A. Press 1-1-1-1
B. Push Press 3-3-3-3

5 Sets for Total Time
100m Row/12 Cal AD
10 DB Push Press
10 Burpees
10 DB Push Press
100m Row/12 Cal AD

2 min rest

A. Press + 3 Push Press + 5 Push Jerk; rest 2mins; 5 sets

3 Sets @ 100%
1min – Power Clean (155/105)
rest 15sec
1min – Slam Ball
rest 15sec
1min – Airdyne
rest 3mins

A1. Front Squat; 5-5-5-5-5rest 90sec
A2. Ring Rows; 12-15reps; rest 90sec

On the Minute
5 Thrusters
7 Box Jumps
x 10mins

Finisher – Tabata Hollow Rocks

Out of Town WOD

On the Minute
15 Squats
7 Box Jumps
x 10mins

Mobility WOD 

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 2.21.11 PM


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