TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. Jan 23rd

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Wow.  What a weekend.  The 2013 NorCal Masters has come to a close and the Blue was everywhere.  Hundreds and hundreds of athletes, spectators, vendors and volunteers converged on the Craneway Pavilion and participated in the largest Master Event in the sport of CrossFit.

I don’t know if any gym could be prouder of its athletes.  Patty, Margie , Lisa T, Neil, Dan, Jordan, Steve, Ed, Ham, Pete, and Eric brought righteous noise to this competition and showed that we know exactly what the eff we are doing here.

To our top dogs.  Deirdra, you came in second place using weights, movements and times that people twenty plus years younger were using as well.  You are such an inspiration to this community, and I feel blessed that you are part of it. Amy is amazing.  She not only has all the talent in the world but she has no ego whatsoever.  She is so completely concerned about how everyone else is doing.  Then she blows up some workout and goes back to asking what she can do for you.  This weekend was no joke.  She won the freaking chipper!  An amazing athlete and person melded together.   Brad.  I am truly astounded by your determination and willingness to achieve more.  The questions are always brilliant and effort is always 100 percent.  You have achieved so much and can achieve so much more.  The goals are more attainable then ever before and you are the right person to achieve them.    I’m as proud of you as I am of this next chick.  Our family Champ.

Allison.  The reigning “Champ” went through a roller coaster ride in this sport, and she wasn’t sure if she had anything left in the tank to go for it again.  We have joked for a year that it would be impossible to win again because of the ridiculous diversity of the events every year.  She worked her weaknesses, she went to the gym at 6am on Saturdays and Sundays just to be home for the family, she saw Dr. Doug so many times that I started wearing a silver toupee’ around the house.  And then she won.   I am jealous of this sport.  For the past four years it has taken my partner away for extended periods.  I should be the happiest person on Earth now that she has announced her retirement (at least till she’s 45).  But the truth is she is good at this–better than 99% of the women her age, and the coach in me is having a hard time figuring out whether I should support or not support this decision.  Time will tell.

Tomorrow I will speak about my team.


All Levels
A1. Front Squat; 5-5-5-5-5; 31X1; rest 20sec
A2. AMRAP Stict Pull Ups; rest 2mins

EMOM 20 Mins
Odd – 6 Hang Squat Clean
Even – 6 Burpee over Barbell (lateral)

A1. Front Squat; 5-5-5-5-5; 31X1; rest 20sec
A2. AMRAP Kipping Pull Ups (-2); rest 2mins

EMOM 20 Mins
Odd – 2 Squat Clean + 3 Hang Squat Cleans
Even – 6 Burpee over Barbell (lateral)

A1. Deadlifts; 5 reps (moderate); rest 60sec; 4 sets
A2. Push Ups (weightd if necessary); 5-7reps; rest 60sec; 4 sets
B. Single Leg RDL; 4-6reps/leg; 3 sets; rest 60sec between legs

For Time
30 Jumping Chest 2 Bar
30 KBS
30 Burpees
600m Run


10 min AMRAP of :

10 Wall Balls

20 Cals on Airdyne

30 Double Unders

10min AMRAP of:

10 Dumbbell Power Cleans

20 Cals on the Rower

30 Situps

10 min AMRAP of:

10 Pullups

200m Run

30m (1 length of the Parking Lot) sled push;  weight as needed

Out of Town WOD

30 Jumping Chest 2 Bar
30 Walking Lunge Steps
30 Burpees
600m Run

Mobility WOD


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2 Responses to TJ’s Gym WOD for Wed. Jan 23rd

  1. Wonderful blog!!! 2013…Year of the Women! And wow do you have women!! Congrats to all and especially you Allison. You carry it for us all!!!!
    Hugs. Me

  2. Sabrina Teller says:

    Way to go, Allison and Amy! It was fun, exhausting, and exhilarating to chase you! Wish I could have been on that podium with you, but you deserved it. Next year! Hope to see you again at the SacTown Throwdown this weekend.

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