Fashletics and TJ’s Gym WOD for Fri. Jan 18th

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.53.48 PMFashletics is a collection of handmade jewelry inspired by a passion for fitness, competition, and a strong desire to empower others who have made a commitment to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Each piece of jewelry serves a badge of honor and an expression of strength.

Fashletics is based in Miami, FL. All pieces are designed and created by Sarah Wilson who is a certified CrossFit trainer at South Florida CrossFit Endurance. Sarah is also a nationally ranked endurance athlete who has competed for Team USA at the World level in the sport of Duathlon. One of the only things that rivals her interest in athletics is her strong desire to design and create. Sarah is an established jewelry designer and has been working as a metalsmith for nearly 10 years.

 Ultimately, Fashletics is the result of the combination of two distinct interests. Sarah is as much an athlete as she is an artist. She takes pride in the craftsmanship of her designs and works hard to create jewelry pieces that celebrate and inspire the athlete within.


Weekend Gym Schedules

Friday- All classes are as scheduled
Novato-Julie is teaching a 7:30 class and that is it. No 9am class and no TEAM at 10:30.
CM- There will be no class on Saturday or Sunday except for TEAM 11am Sat and Gymnastics Club 12pm Sat.
SR- 7:30 Yago, 8:30 Brit, 9:30 Yago
Mill Valley- Nicki will cover  7am, 8am, 9am, and we will cancel the 10am.
Novato- Julie is teaching a 7:30. No 9am.
CM- No class
SR- Nick is teaching the 8:30 and BBC is cancelled
MV- Nicki is teaching 8am and 9am –Calen will be in Richmond
Let us know if you have any questions.
Also remember to buy your discounted wrist bands at the gym.  We will not be having this discount at the event.  Friday is the last day.


Wrench/All Levels *Except Novato (see below)
A. Deadlift; Build to a tough 3 reps in 10mins (not a 3RM)

A. for Novato- Weighted Pullup; Build to a tough 3 reps in 10 min.


B1. Single Leg RDL; 4-6reps/leg; 3 sets; rest 60sec
B2. Strict Dips; 4-6reps; 3 sets; rest 60sec


For Time
800m Run
800m Sandbag/Weight Plate/Farmers Carry
800m Run

Taper – REST DAY

A. Deadlift; 5-5-5-5
A2. Strict Dips; 6-8 Reps; 4 sets

3 Rounds For Time
400m Run
12 Push Ups


Out of Town WOD

Mobility WOD 


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